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DBM 8.2.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:33 am

New Features:

Eternal Palace:
  • Added a special warning (on by default for tanks) to switch to adds when call of tender is cast on mythic orgozoa. In addition, this warning even has a smart check, where if you're currently person tanking boss, the warning will be auto squelched (unless you're only tank left alive then squelch disables itself). (8.2.9)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed regression that caused dropdown menus and some dialog boxes to turn green. I applied an update to SetBackdrop a little prematurely thinking blizzard finished adding the api they TOLD authors to use. Apparently not. Reverted back to the deprecated method until blizzard finishes file data ID support on SetBackdrop.

Eternal Palace:
  • Fixed bug where all of radiance timers were 3 seconds fast after stormwraith death(s). Apparently at some point a 3 second leway was added before boss resumes energy gains.
  • Added a throttle to Pressure Surge casts on Azshara so that the mod doesn't get to spammy on a very obvious wipe.
  • Fixed a bug where Desensitizing Sting was on for everyone by default, instead of just tanks
  • Fix some briny bubble bugs which caused warnings to be missing or late in some difficulties of Ashvane (8.2.9)

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed missing severed axe timer reported on discord for Council inside Kings Rest
  • Fixed a few invalid spellIds, events, and even creatureIds in Mechagon dungeon. (still MUCH more work to do)


  • Removed deprecated NewSound and NewVoice apis from DBM-Core now that any remnants of them are finally gone from all old mods. Make sure you update old mods or you may encounter errors with modules not working and instead throwing errors.

Eternal Palace:
  • Added better throttle to GTFO for sivara, since the previous checks weren't good enough and warning could feel spammy on Sivara
  • Demoted Crushing Reverb from a special warning to a regular warning. The knockback mechanic was HEAVILY nerfed on live and as such it just no longer needs to be a warning DBM emphasizes.
  • Re-added icons to arcing Azerite yells to ashvane mod. I removed them because I thought they'd be incompatible with way other mods/auras were doing things. However, In retrospec, i shouldn't have nerfed a quality of life feature because I was worried how it affected others. It's a very good feature so it's now back!
  • Reworked tank swap taunt warning code on Orgozoa to be smarter. If you are 3 tanking, the taunt warning for boss will be muted if you are > 8 yards away from the tank that should be taunted off of (ie you are probably add tank). If 2 tanking, then the taunt warning will always show as usual if other tank has high stacks (8.2.9)

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