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DBM 8.2.4 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:18 am

New Features:

Eternal Palace:
  • Added warning for Rejuvenating Algae on trash on circle surrounding Ashvane
  • Added warning and yells for trash version of Arcane Bomb before radiance
  • Added warning for trash version of Gale buffet before radiance
  • Added warning, yells, and icons for trash version of Dread before Za'qul
  • Added warning and yells for Coalesced Nightmares on trash before Za'qul
  • Added preliminary timer for Azshara's Indomitable to Queen Azshara stage 2
  • Added additional option to allow infoframe on azshara to be sorted by highest to lowest (off by default, since lowests to highest still makes most sense)
  • Added additional option to allow infoframe to show time remaining on drained soul debuffs instead of stacks on azshara. (off by default because this version uses UnitDebuff, which generally has higher performance cost)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where values passed in a previous infoframe would be inherited by next infoframe if not overwritten by new values. This would cause breakage when switching between two very different types of infoframes (such as ashvane) and cause them not to function properly.
  • Also fixed a bug where an infoframe that's not supposed to be using onupdate would continue using it if it overwrite another infoframe that was using onupdate (similar to above bug but different cause)

Eternal Palace:
  • Fixed the "keep them out of LOS from eachother ended" warning for lovers in P1 aszhsara to show at correct time for real now. In addition, now warning is only on for tanks by default as intended.
  • Fixed Za'qul's creature id so that his health is reported correctly on wipes and status whispers
  • Fixed infoframe for Queen azshara to actually show stuff again (like lowest stack players able to soak wards)
  • Fixed spear general target warning to combine multiple targets if two adds are up and cast spear at same time on azshara
  • Fixed beckon near you special warning to combine multiple targets into a single warning if multiple are near you on azshara
  • Fixed chain lightning interrupt warning on azshara to not show when caster is immune to interrupts (shielded)
  • Fixed spear warning so it doesn't tell you to run spear to shielded mob if neither of them have an active shield or both of them are already dead on azshara.
  • Fixed most of Za'qul's timers, which were wrong on live do to how heavily blizzard nerfed fight on live vs ptr (almost every timer is a LOT slower)
  • Fixed bug where Beckon near you warning would go off for non jealous versions of beckon during azshara fight
  • Fixed bug where greater reversal of fortune warning/timer never started after each cast on azshara fight
  • Fixed some heroic azshara timers (more to do).
  • Fixed longing/painful timers in P1 azshara, since I plain forgot to actually look at them.


  • Icon only yells will now show single icon instead of double. Double icons will now only be used when playername or spell name is included, where the icons will appear on each side of included string.

Eternal Palace
  • Deleted the Energize ward warning on azshara, it was literally useless spam. We get it, she's constantly energizing the ward in P3, STFU already!
  • Changed general target warning for arcane burst (not special warning) to be on by default for only healers, and no longer be filtered by general target filter.
  • Made the timer for Arcane Detonation have a countdown enabled by default on Azshara. Remember, you aren't limitted to hard coded countdowns anymore. Nothing is keeping you from enabling a countdown for any timer you want. You don't have to wait for me to set countdown defaults.
  • Made the timer for Reversal of Fortune and Greater reversal of fortune now have an audio countdown enabled by default. Again, like above, you can change this behavior if you want and put countdowns on whatever you want, this just seems like a sensible default since it affects positioning and where soaking is needed.

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