DBM 8.1.13 Released

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DBM 8.1.13 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:33 pm

New Features:

Brawlers Guild:
  • Added warnings and timers for Xan Sallish, Mama Stormstout, Ouroboros, and Robe Robber Robert
  • **Added additional message ignore strings (especially horde side) so berserk timer is less likely to cancel prematurely (english should be covered pretty well now, but non english lines are missing over 100 strings)


Brawlers Guild
  • Re-enabled berserk timer for Rumbles. I had disabled it because I hadn't been able to confirm it. I have now confirmed that it in fact does have one too.
  • Disabled chomp warnings for both bruce encounter versions for spectators. It's an ability he more or less spams and the intent of spectator mode isn't to spam, but highlight the important and less frequent abilities enemies are doing while they are watching.

Dev Note:
**There is no event for detecting match end other than the yells. The best way to detect this for season 1 and season 2 was that the ONLY time Bizmo or Bazzel would target a unit (while yelling), is during a begin match or end match yell. All the begin match yells also had a key word present in all of them, "rank". So all you had to do to detect matches with minimal localized strings was "if source = bizmo or bazzel and target not nil then, if "rank" found begin match else end match". However, at some point during season 3 (which has continued into the new season 4), blizzard added additional taunt lines that can happen between 20 and 10 seconds left on the 2 min match berserk. In these yells, bizmo or bazzel would yell (targeting player) to hurry up. This means the original rule that required localizing a SINGLE word "rank" suddenly was flawed.

Now a new solution was needed. 1. Localize ALL match end messages and no longer assume a targeted unit that did not have "rank" in it was a match end. OR 2. Continue assuming a targeted yell not containing "rank" is a match end but only after filtering message for pre berserk taunts. 2 was lesser of two bad choices.

There are more match end strings than there are pre berserk ones. Not to mention, worst thing that happens if DBM fails to filter a pre berserk string. the berserk timer ends 10-20 seconds early. If I had gone with method 1 instead, then the worst thing would happen is DBM would never cancel berserk timer at all until it expired naturally. Better to cancel early, vs not at all.

As it stands now. I have found 7 unique alliance messages and 7 unique horde messages for pre berserk (could be more, don't know yet, i'm still spending hours in pub every day literally watching for just this). In addition, they need capturing in every language wow supports and I'm only capturing english. In other words, a mod that in season 1 and 2 only needed to localize ONE word in every language. now has to localize 14 entire lines, in every single language. That's over 100 localized strings to achieve same functionality.

Blizzard could fix this with a simple change. Add a visible CLEU event for match end (begin too if they wanted, but at least detecting that still only requires localizing ONE word). Or, they could make it so the yells bizmo/bazzel do warning berserk is near, do not target fighter. It'd be INFINITELY helpful if blizz could help mod authors out on this.

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