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DBM 8.1.10 WIP

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:16 am

New Features:

  • Added option to check player distance from boss itself, instead of tank on said boss. This also has an automatic fallback to revert to tank distance check, if item check fails(which it does depending on npc/boss flags)

Crucible of Storms
  • Added full mod drycode for Uunat. This mod holds nothing back either. Detailed infoframe, AI timers, Star Auger level of handling for Unstable Resonance (which was changed to mythic only in latest PTR build, so bleh on not seeing it 21st testing), etc. Even as a drycode, this mod will make a big difference in your raids performance when this boss is tested.

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Applied bar fading to 2 timers during adds phase of opulence

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a bug in infoframe where a non class colored line after a class colored line inherited the color of previous line
  • Fixed a bug where DBM core could throw a lua error if a player left the raid in middle of fight (actually in the middle of a UnitBuff or UnitDebuff check)
  • Fixed bug where range radar had headers backwards between regular and reverse
  • Fixed bug in GetUnitIdFromGUID that caused it to never actually work for boss UnitIds, this will actually fix a minor bug in the ONLY mod that was using that function until now, triad
  • Fixed a bug where numBoss was basically always nil except where SetBossHPInfoToHighest was used. This will finally make the wipe messages include boss counts etc on global level, like intended years ago when it was added.
  • While at it, made the bosses left code more robust in core to fix lua errors in off chance the variable gets accessed before it is recovered by timer recovery (such as user DCing mid fight.

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Sometimes Jadefire masters gains shield but does NOT cast pyroblast, in these cases, I fixed dbm so it doesn't show interrupt warning when shield drops if no pyroblast cast is in progress.
  • Tightened threshold on conclave for hex to further reduce chance of icons and yells happening on spreads because people are bad and dispel it less than 1 second from when it went out.


  • Updated range checker to support a couple new ranges with some more item testing, and fixed two that were wrong

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Mark of Prey on Conclave will now throttle if multiple raptors fixate you within 3 seconds
  • Enabled prismatic image by default for everyone instead of just dps on Jaina encounter.
  • Switched blockade to boss check by default, since tank check was not immediately useable on translocate (since the tank that'd have threat on boss might be on other boat for a couple seconds). Now, with this check, can quickly update bar fades on encounter without waiting for a threat api update/tank taunt or waiting for tank to establish threat on pull.

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