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DBM 8.0.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:52 pm

New Features:

  • Add KeepMove and StopMove special warnings that can improve clarity of these types of mechanics
  • Added some new wipe sounds, curtesy of Bwonsamdi

  • Added a pre warning that eye beam is soon, 5 seconds before eye beams start going out.
  • Added an auto range checker to zekvoz that will auto open 6 seconds before first eye beam, and auto close after 3rd eye beam has finished casting.
  • Preliminary Mythic Mythrax updates from public logs.
  • Finished Vectis infoframe update and enabled it. Should now include vector targets, icons, time remaining in addition to lingering stacks. Remember, lingering is sorted based on Option in vectis mod as well to sort either highest to lowest, or lowest to highest. Currently, the thought process in mind is default is now lowest so you can see who currently has omega debuff and who best candidates are to take it next all within same frame. However, if you are using a weak aura such as reloe's to do group based assignments, you may want to go use highest to lowest sort method instead so that info frame serves a different purpose and isn't redundant with weak aura.
  • In addition, if you aren't using a Weak aura for group based tracking of lingering, DBM has that covered too if you want!. Go into Vectis options an enable the party only option at the bottom.
  • Added a new boss mod scanner on engage for Vectis that will determine if there are any BW users in raid with assist in raid on pull and if there are, will locally disable all icon setting from DBM during encounter to ensure regardless of raid comps boss mod setup, only one mod will be setting icons on Omega Vector. DBM will then sync up yells and personal warnings to the icons set by BW. If no BW assists are in raid, DBM will perform it's own icons per normal.
  • Added new optional special warning (with count) that is OFF by default, for contagion on Vectis. If you enable this, the regular warning for it will be squelched automatically. Intent with the optional warning is if you want to use it to help with raid cooldown assignments like using DBMs notes feature.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bonus roll filter so it doesn’t INCLUDE the difficulty you have it to set to (mythic filter was filtering mythic raids, heroic filter was filtering heroic raids, normal filter was filtering normal raids. filter is meant to filter BELOW your setting, not everything including setting)

  • Fixed a bug where all the Roiling casts said 0 count in yells/warnings
  • Fixed berserk timer on Fetid being too long
  • Fixed bug that caused icon countdown on vectis to not display icons
  • Fixed another bug that caused icons not to show on advanced infoframe on Vectis
  • Fixed a bug where DBM would scan wrong units when doing an early pre warn that someone at 25 stacks is about to aoe the raid on mythic vectis
  • Fixed ICD code for Mother, it doesn’t appear sanitizing strike is immune to ICD now
  • Fixed bad timer on first orb landing on zekvoz
  • Fixed phase transition trigger since 274230 has stopped being reliable (fades early if both big adds die before intermission ends) during mythrax

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed a bug where sandstorm warning would say sand trap instead on first boss of Tol dagor
  • Fixed a bug where fixate warning in Kings Rest could feel spammy if multiple enemies fixate you at once

World Bosses:
  • Fixed nil error on Kraulok

World Events:
  • Fixed lua error with brewfest mapID code that slipped through my 8.x checks. This will fix feature that lowers volume on the annoying loud brewfest background music that plays on DIALOG sound channel


  • Updated special warning for balls to not just go off for initial spawn but every bounce, with count. Useful when using DBM notes features to assign soakers by count for Zekvoz.
  • Added count to personal warnings for Eye Beam personal warning for Zekvoz

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Warning on Trio in waycrest will now be more clear and say to "keep moving" instead of "move away"

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Re: DBM 8.0.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:14 pm


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