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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Sept 19th, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:42 am

A few people gave feedback that I'm only blaming the dentists and not my own mistakes in last post. I want to take a moment to address that.

I own all my mistakes prior to getting treatment, I even tried covering them in extra history part in spoiler tag. I'm willing to even go back and edit post further if I didn't put enough detail in (ironically I was trying to keep the original post shorter despite how long it ended up being).

I did turn things around. I have been taking much better care of my mouth for a few years now. ANY sign I ever had gum disease is long gone. In fact, even when I went in to have teeth pulled, the teeth were not savable because my failure to get treatment for so long had wrought extensive destruction throughout, but my gums were tough as nails and he actually noticed that.

Post extraction, no teeth in mouth, I continue to clean and treat my gums well every day. I brush my tongue, I brush my roof, and two rinses a day. I've also changed my eating/drinking habits to remove carbonated beverages, any acidic foods, and been medicating before bed to loosen my sinuses to reduce mouth breathing as much as I can so I can avoid dry mouth bacteria breading grounds. Plus, I now keep a bottle of water near bed that I can drink from to re-moisen mouth as often as I wake up in middle of night.

My mistakes are owned, and I'll always own those. Most of the damage came from a period in my life where I was basically homeless and I'm not proud of those years, plus ignoring cavities and issues for over 10 years, even when my care did improve, because I couldn't afford fillings/crowns etc is also not the fault of the doctors I've seen. That's a bigger issue with united states healthcare/insurance system. However, these two doctors don't make that, they just work in it. None of this, is of ANY fault to dentists I've gone and seen nor do I hold any of them responsible. That's all my earlier life poor living and financial issues that have plagued all my life.

However, surely medical professionals withholding stuff is a hard issue? Or charging astronomical costs when other countries charge a FRACTION for same quality work.

I did not expect perfection nor did I expect magic. Just honesty and integrity and I ended up with one dentist who price gouged me 10 grand for extractions, which he didn't even do right (at least for a patient that would be needing implants) because he was under qualified for my case (yet did it anyways instead of being honest). And mind you, these are things the second DENTIST said about him, not me. I didn't even know these things until I was informed by 2nd doctor.

I was completely ignorant when I went to first doctor. I didn't know the difference between a general and a Prosthodontist dentist, and if I had I probably wouldn't be making this post. Trust me, I'll regret that the rest of my life. That is MY patient error. However, it's still within my right to be upset the dentist, who is in field, didn't inform me of this either. I was very clear of my intentions and needs. His intentions were also very clear with that price tag too. In fact, if anything almost this entire post is about one doctor not 2, because all of my issues came from that single appointment. That single mistake. No bone preservation was done, no grafting, no pre extraction bite modeling for the prosthetic conducted before hand. This all cost such a dear amount of time and lost bone, and now, money.

The second doctor, I respect that he educated me greatly, and how very knowledgeable and qualified he is. I also don't put much of blame on him, heck he's one that told me where most of blame is, as I said. The main thing I lost there is just time. Lab he uses sent the wrong denture case once, scheduling lost 2 of my appointments. Even when things weren't errors, I was lucky if they could fit me in once a month (price you pay seeing someone that actually know what they are doing, not enough him to go around!). All these delays that cost many months. He did sincerely apologized for this, and his staff was/is very polite though, but it did still bother me. The other issue was one with ENT, which i still feel like I could have been told about (even if it was only a suspicion) to get ball rolling on that much sooner.

Add that up, that's all a lot of time, and we all know time is the enemy of reabsorption as well. I'm not the reason so much time was lost, but I have to pay the price for it. Smaller and less time tested implants that might very well be inferior, with a chance of a shorter lifespan. Plus the additional time for uppers do to ENT issue, continuing to put risk at reduced options for uppers. Not to mention the potential cost increase too, since I've lose any potential money saving of having upper and lower done at same time and may end up needing more expensive solutions.

I'm not an awful patient. If anything, I clearly put too much faith in one doctor and didn't apply enough pressure to the other. Not saying I should have been more mean, but definitely far more proactive. In my research, and in my engagement and applying pressure to keep things moving quickly.

Trust me, I am not just some finger pointing idiot blaming all of my own mistakes on others. If any details were omitted from earlier entries, it was in attempt to try and be shorter and more to the point. My previous post was me TRYING to be clear and concise with enough history to get gist without being longer than it needed. (Apparently I'm just no good at short posts, case and point).

There are honest mistakes and then there are worse ones.

Anyways, sorry for a another long post. I just hope it clarifies a few things that I apparently failed to address in previous post. I never intend to be anything but honest.

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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Oct 4th, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:31 pm

After much discussion with mother, despite the 25k cost for lower implants, they were done yesterday, October 3rd.

We convinced him to up the number of them from 6 to 7, and he even grafted some bone he found that had cracked. He said I may need gum/tissue grafting still depending on healing but said he'd do that if it's needed at no additional cost.

This procedure should provide excellent long term stability and bone support to avoid additional bone shrinking down the line, with 7, the bone should be able to well retained even long term.

I was not ideal to pay so much, but at same time, didn't have luck with other dentists and most research I had done showed he pretty much was providing me with the best options. He even managed to use 3mm diameter implants which is more than I could have hoped for considering he could have minis that were 2-2.25mm . That was another of my big concerns. the 4-5mm ones would have still be far more ideal but that would have added significant cost and more surgery to basically bone transplant a large bone graft to rebuild my ridge. He was very confident the 7 implants that are 3mm diameter 8mm length would be sturdy enough.

Is it as robust as perfect solution I originally wanted and feel I should have gotten for the same money 6 months ago, no. However, the the mistakes of first doctor and delays thereafter trying to fix the damage he had done, I'm confident in all my research (and trust me i did a lot), that this is best that could be done and the best guy that could do it anywhere close to me. This makes me a bit happier. I hopefully no longer have to worry about 15 years from now having implant failures from only having 4-6 placed in middle and still having bone atrophy on the outer edges of jaw or super thin minis that would fail/break under x amount of hours of chewing load. 7 will be able to really cover things I hope.

There is currently nothing loaded on the implants yet and i'm on a strict liquid diet for 2 weeks right now. Tons of medication too.

Costs for uppers and sinus stuff still up in air, but at least I wont look terrible with facial collapse by the time i'm 50. Still hoping that this story, beginning to end can reach the doctors helping me and they can work with me with what budget I have left for rest of work that still needs doing. Give this coder just a little more hope.

On DBM end:
I had a classic wow side project to put the Hud to good use, which is nearly done. The cool stuff I did with Hud should be remarkable too.

As for remaining classic dungeons, I elected to put them on hold for now. 8.3 is very soon and I'll need to put my time there.

DBM-Classic is more than good enough for the raids (best there is at the moment) and you should defintely use and enjoy it. I also really hope to get the hud stuff into peoples hands soon. Something that'll probably be more popular for leveling players than the dungeon mods were. :)

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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Oct 21st, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:40 am

Late post, but been dealing with lots of unexpected things AND tons of DBM work.

Sinus issues turned out to be false alarm. That's good news. What could have been expensive ended up only a 150 dollar appointment that said "false alarm, no major issues there preventing upper dental surgery".

Upper surgery not scheduled yet but we'll probably talk about that wed oct 23rd at my next appointment when we do 3rd follow up of my surgury on lower jaw. I'm also going to see if he can work with me on price again, since I got some other very bad news in last two weeks. I'm not going to trouble you guys with details since I couldn't possibly ask anything more from wow community. I'm going to continue using money you already gave me to finish the dental work I started and that's that. I'll figure something else out for the other stuff.

On DBM end:
8.3 PTR raid testing has been very fast paced from blizzard. Out of 12 boss raid, 5 have been tested and COMPLETED already, 4 more have been drycoded and I plan to have 5th ready in next couple days between multiple doctors appointments. I'll have another dbm release out before this weeks testing even happens, with mods already supporting all bosses being tested, as I have the previous weeks of testing.

On another note, I'm probably going to be shifting from posting here and more posting toward discord from now on (probably in the supporters channel). I have no idea how long this website will even be up, considering it's being kept up for free by someone I can't expect to keep it up forever. As such, I want to become less reliant on site going forward.

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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Dec 13th, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Dec 14, 2019 12:41 am

Figured I'd post one final dental/medical update here on forums. I still post more regularly on discord btw for those who'll join and come hang out. you can engage with me any day during most hours of the day.

Upper surgery happened November 15th. At this point all costs are paid for. I do not yet have teeth because i'm still healing and letting the implants fuse with the bones. I have actually uploaded full medical costs online to show where all that support went here: (https://imgur.com/a/lx2TIc5)

If that weren't enough, my dog Max had a bad year too (https://imgur.com/a/nyVeFqx). This was already beyond what I could afford, but you don't tell your fury baby no. You find a way to make it work, and I did. Fortunately I've always been one that's good with money and scraping by when needing to. I never did get to actually hire any help with DBM though. Doctors saw to that!

So at the end of the day, no golden chairs or mattresses stuffed full of 100 dollar bills, at least for me. The doctors I paid over the last year got that. It is what it is though, as I said many times in this thread, I never expected that dental journey to be over a year long and that price gouged. But in the US, that's the state of healthcare system. 2nd 3rd, 20th medical opinions be damned, because they stick together when it comes to pricing (because believe me I tried them all, diff doctors online, offline, hell even reddit). 63k in dental costs and 12k in vet costs was never what I imagined for 2018-2019. However, it needed to be done regardless. Thanks to all of you, that was possible. I may be broke now, but I'm healthy, my dog is healthy, my mother is doing well, and although DBM support has wavered considerably, it's still doing alright for now too.

Now, I finally feel like I am near the end of this medical journey. I'm probably mere weeks from finally biting into a piece of food that isn't soft, for the first time in over a year. Honestly, I can't wait. Ironically, I have even gained a little weight NOT being able to eat food, because when you only eat soft foods for so long your diet is REALLY crappy and full of processed foods and lacking in quality. Once teeth are finally in, I can't wait to eat a little healthier and get a little belly fat off :D.

As for DBM currently and for future.

Both DBM for retail and DBM for classic are doing really well.

Work on 8.3 content patch is going fantastically and quite near completion, merely awaiting bits and pieces that simply aren't available yet (such as mythic N'zoth) and more LFR and normal data for bosses not yet testedin those mods.

Work on Classic is touch ups here and there since it's basically a content gap at moment. Although blizzard has thrown a few curveballs that caused me to go back and fix things a few times (like nerfing combat log range). However, I'm always on top of things and never let DBM be affected by things for long.

I even continue to future proof anything I work on with future considerations like BC and Wrath in mind. In fact, when I ported DBM to classic, I ensured that DBM-Classic basically has all the code for BC and Wrath ready to go in most situations. DBM-Classic as a project should have no problem moving forward, if classic does.

DBM-PvP mods are still not quite 100% yet and it shows mostly in classic since AV basically has 0 support still. This is still something i'd like to fix but may take some more time since I was never actually able to expand the DBM team beyond one person since the medical bills were so high and Patreon declined too fast. Fortunately the pvp mods are getting a little volunteer help here and there but that'll take a bit more time. Hopefully within next week or two.

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