DBM 8.0.9 Released

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DBM 8.0.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:56 pm

New Features

  • New bonus roll filter with 4 different configuration options (that is OFF by default). Allows DBM to auto hide bonus roll for content difficulty you don't wish to accidentally waste bonus rolls on. In event you accidentally suppress a bonus roll you didn't want to auto pass on, DBM even supports a slash to unhide bonus roll (because DBMs code does NOT auto decline anything, it literally just hides the box and lets it time out in background unless you want to see it)

  • Added Mother's Respawn timer
  • Added deathwish general announce/counter to assist with CDs on Zul, Also added count to timers
  • Added an Orb Lands timer to Zek'voz to assist with ball catching
  • Added Uldir trash Warning to watch step for Wild Leap

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a regression that caused normal mode P3 ghuun timers to be wrong after updating them for heroic. the timers between two modes are NOT The same. Now mod will use correct timers in both modes.
  • Fixed Uldir trash warning for Blood Shield so it actually works
  • Updated/Fixed Warnings/Timers for Mythic Taloc
  • Updated/Fixed Warnings/Timers for Mythic Mother
  • Updated/Fixed Warnings/Timers for Mythic & LFR Zek'voz
  • Improved upon infoframe for vectis to also show omega targets above lingering ones (currently in testing and only available in DebugMode)

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Reworked Council of Tribes so it doesn’t warn to dispel until earthward totem is dead in Kings Rest


  • Contageon counter will no longer reset on Vectis, it’s useful for healing cds to keep count going on Vectis
  • Changed Oblivion sphere from a bad switch warning that was confusing ranged dps to a useful general count warning for CD usage and more raid awareness
  • Changed ball catch target announces to be a non filtered warning and added count to it on Zek'voz
  • *Changed back to a table icon method for vectis and improved upon it.

World Bosses:
  • Interrupt warning for Engineers on Arathi world boss will no longer filter target based on target/focus. Now, if you have an interrupt and it's NOT on cooldown, dbm will spam you to interrupt engineers.
  • Make the switch warnings on doom’s howl/Lion’s roar more clear that engineer is priority

Dev Note:
*My original Vectis icon method was a table method that considered ahead of time that debuff jumps should use same icon. The BW original method was simply assigning icons 1-3(4) in a loop. I changed DBM for sake of compatibility in 8.0.8 to also just loop through icons when a guild on stream progressing on mythic vectis mentioned icon issues because they had both DBM/BW in the raid.

BW has since improved their method to also considers jumps as well and improves icon consistency. With this in mind, I decided to roll back to my original idea and expand/bugfix upon it for infoframe stuff. Unfortunately, It's no longer compatible with BW. So if your raid has both mods present, make sure only DBM is doing icons or only BW is.

Ensuring vectis icons were compatible going forward would be blatant copying at this point and not just implementing an easy icon loop or changing a star to a triangle or something. I want to ensure compatibility to an extent, but not if it means literally copying another persons hard work. I value their work and I value my own work. Sorry for the promise of icon compatibility in 8.0.8 and it only lasting like a day :D.

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Re: DBM 8.0.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:22 pm


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