DBM 7.3.2 Released

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DBM 7.3.2 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:19 am

New Features:

Invasion Points
  • Updated timers for Alluradel

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed couple more causes of PlaySound that weren't using soundkit IDs that got missed because they were in very under used features.

Invasion Points
  • Fixed map load ID so mod will load and function in greater invasion raid bosses. NOTE: This is a TOC file change so it'll require a game restart after updating, reloadui won't make this change active


  • Made DBM-DefaultSkin naming more aligned with rest of DBM folders in addon list

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Devouring maw now shows count in timer and special warningg on mistress sasszine
  • Devouring maw and crashing wave will no longer spam warnings if mistress sasszine continues to recast i (usually during a wipe)
  • Reverted a change to tank taunt warning that attempted to filter targets that weren't tanks during cast that cause warning to sometimes not show AT ALL if boss never actually looked at a tank during the cast. It's better for warning to tell you to taunt off invalid target, than to not tell you to taunt at all.

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