DBM 7.2.16 Released

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DBM 7.2.16 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:14 am

New Features:

  • Added new reset buttons to small and large bar options so it's easier to reset stuff like bar offsets etc to default values on push of button. Note: These buttons only reset bar size/positions for normal/large bars, not all the color/style options. Just a specific way to restore offsets/etc if you mess them up (the tiny sliders can be fickle)

  • Added full drycode for Eonar
  • Added full drycode for Imonar
  • Added full drycode for Kingaroth
  • Added full drycode for Aggramar
  • Added full functional mod for War Council based on heroic raid testing.
  • Updated Garothi from heroic raid testing.
  • Updated Hounds of Sargeras from heroic raid testing.

Tomg of Sargeras
  • Mythic KJ now has proper phase 1 and phase 1.5 timer support. It still stands to be improved though. Phase 2 and 3 and 2.5 intermission still need support. If you have logs willing to share with just me in confidence please do so.
  • Both hammers on Maiden now have voice pack sounds that will check debuff and either say "help soak" (your color) or "shockwave" (not your color)
  • Added Berserk for Fallen Avatar in LFR
  • Added berserk to mythic sisters of the moon

Bug Fixes

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed Fragmentation timer on mythic maiden not working after first one.
  • Fixed trash warning on drowning and lunar beacon warnings being backwards and saying wrong spellname. Also fixed drowning from not combining enough targets.
  • Fixed timers/warnings on Maiden on raid finder difficulty
  • Fixed bug where one mistress sasszine countdown Option was overewriting another and making it impossible to properly control the options of the two

  • Fixed yell countdown for parasites to actually cancel/update for time stop on mythic guldan (first time someone reported it was 7/26/17 :\)


  • Changed all phase messages to stage messages to match dungeon journal, plus the fact whisper messages have already been using "stage" for couple years now. Mod should be uniform. Phase is now used to describe split phases. This is similarity to the enrage/berserk terminology change back in late BC

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Scrapped countdown for infusion on Maiden and added countdown for unstable on self instead
  • Changed infusion CAST warning from special warning to general cast warning on Maiden. Warning didn't need two special warnings. Special warning comes when debuff color applies.
  • Changed Bone armor application to suppress announcing more than once per 3 seconds on Desolate Host for any given target name
  • Changed sisters of moon announce for volley to always target scan in all phases instead of just phase 2. Apparently you can still request inactive boss target even though UnitExists returns false
  • Changed yell countdown for dark mark on fallen avatar to short text countdown.

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Re: DBM 7.2.16 Released

Postby NicolasSor » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:04 pm

Cool, thanks for the new release and updates.

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