DBM 7.2.6 Released

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DBM 7.2.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:13 pm

New Features

  • Added trash warning for Chosen Fate

Bug Fixes:

  • First winds timer should now be correct on mythic guldan instead of basically being a pre warning for 2nd one by mistake
  • Timers for FelLord Kuraz & Dzorykx should now cancel if you phase guldan on mythic before they spawns (Kuraz skipable now, Dzorykx is just future planning for solo raids).

5 man Dungeons
  • Venom GTFO on spider boss in arcway now says venom not blink strike

Broken Isles
  • Withered Jim should now report boss health in status messages and no longer report kills as wipes
  • Lowed CD for fear on Shartos. It may be a scaling timer based on group size. If so timer may still not be very accurate.


  • DBM will no longer display Bigwigs/DBM icon conflict message on raid join if you run both mods and are NOT promoted to assistant. However if you do have assist it'll now display conflict message EVERY boss pull to make sure you see it/resolve it. Having icons turned on in both mods when you actually do have assist creates issues and DBM will repeatedly warn you every pull until you disable icons in EITHER mod (yes DBM detects BW icon setting as well, you can turn off icons in DBM OR BW and DBM will detect it and stop showing message). TLDR, let ONLY Bigwigs or ONLY DBM set raid marks, not both or you'll get reminded until you fix it.

  • Some countdowns on Star Auger now start countdown sooner.
  • Changed elisande bubble timers to accommodate May 2/3 changes to how long they last.
  • Changed bonds of fel timer and countdown on Guldan to be for cast START for tanks (while remaining cast FINISH for everyone else still) since tanks care about this at a different timer from everyone else.

Broken Isles:
  • Changed submerge to a target scan/personal warning on Si'vash

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