[Guide] DBM is updated too often

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[Guide] DBM is updated too often

Postby MysticalOS » Mon May 16, 2016 11:41 pm

MANY users complain that DBM is updated too often, when really it's updated once maybe twice a month with exception to emergency releases. There have even been some 2 month gaps.

So why are you getting updates every day or every other day? You have your updater configured to alpha/beta versions. If you do not want to update DBM this often then you should configure your updater program to only install RELEASE versions of the mod. You can generally do this by right clicking on DBM in updater and changing "release type" to "RELEASE" instead of alpha/beta.

Release versions are only tagged about once a month or so when I feel there are enough new features or new fixes to batch together and push a new release. In some cases if another release is pushed in a short period of time it's because a critical bug or compatibility issue was found that.

For a perspective here are the last few releases
6.2.22 Release Normal May 01, 2016
6.2.21 Release Normal Mar 23, 2016--An exception, it fixed yet another missed api update.
6.2.20 Release Normal Mar 22, 2016--An exception, I found some missed apis from the 6.2.19 update when patch launched
6.2.19 Release Normal Mar 11, 2016--6.2.4 API updates. DBM has a lot more whisper/party invite features than other boss mods.
6.2.18 Release Normal Feb 04, 2016
6.2.17 Release Normal Dec 16, 2015--Fixed something that was missed in 6.2.17
6.2.16 Release Normal Dec 15, 2015
6.2.15 Release Normal Nov 24, 2015
6.2.14 Release Normal Oct 22, 2015--Some important refactoring to be more compatible in BW/DBM mixed raids.
6.2.13 Release Normal Oct 18, 2015
6.2.12 Release Normal Sep 29, 2015
6.2.11 Release Normal Sep 11, 2015

Also, FYI, BW is updated just as often if not more often sometimes (especially early tier). I know because I have to bump the BW revision within DBMs version checker code every time it is. The difference of course is there is no disable if you ignore them. DBM does tend to have more updates later tier though, do to more full time development and broader user audiences (and thus feature requests/tweaks).

I did remove the popup long ago though and made the out of date notices more streamlined. So instead of a popup you just get a small print in chat and then if you pull a boss that has known fixes or whatever, you'll get another print in chat telling you that the newer version improves the boss you are pulling. The latter being so you actually are aware that a boss you are currently working on may be affected by you being out of date.

I saw a lot of posts, especially in reddit talking about updates every 3 days or crazy nonsense and that's just not the norm of any magnitude, plus it certainly wouldn't trigger disables for being 3 days out of date either. That's just a lot of hyperbole.

Now for the other issue people have, the force disable. Let me explain a few things with it.
    1. It doesn't disable just for being out of date. It disables for being REALLY out of date. Generally you have to skip at least 2-3 release versions to see it activate. That's literally refusing to update the mod for months. It's also not based on how many versions you are out of date either it's how many revisions. So for example a month like march which saw 3 updates shouldn't make you see it faster.
    2. Alpha versions have a MORE STRICT force disable. This is because if you are running TEST versions of the mod then it's intended for you to be running latest test versions not a really old one. If you choose to use alpha versions then you'll probably see force disable more often AND you'll see updates daily sometimes multiple times a day. I cannot emphesize enough that if you don't like updating your mods do not run alpha/beta versions of DBM. These development versions are MEANT to be updated often.
    3. Major patches will trigger a day 1 force disable, only to ensure you get on the version compatible with that patch. This goes without saying though. Major patches generally added new content, new mods and tons of api changes. For example the day 7.0 patch comes out DBM will refuse to load unless you download 7.0 release version. This isn't there to annoy you, it's there to make sure your game experience doesn't suffer from running un-updated mods on such a massive patch.

Some may argue well BW doesn't do this. No they do not force disable, but they DO increase nagging for being really out of date. I just found nagging to be ineffective and I've been in raids where out of date boss mods have been the cause of wipes. I've also provided support to users on Blizzards tech support forums to users who are having in game issues caused by out of date mods (even DBM before I got aggressive with it). Just updating your mods can avoid these hassles.

The force disable is honestly not that strict. It'll be even less strict in Legion because of the number of complaints. It is NOT going away though. It's there to make life better for raid leaders and blizzard and yes even you as the user even if you don't realize it. It literally means DBM has had 150+ revisions since your last update (180+ in legion). That's a lot of code changes. You're missing out on tons of bug fixes, or new features or even just refactoring for better performance. Why would you not want these improvements to your game?

I make sure that users have multiple update methods available to them. You simply have to run curse client or minion and you are good to go. Once a month and you'll probably never see a force disable again.

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Re: [Guide] DBM is updated too often

Postby MysticalOS » Wed May 18, 2016 8:55 am

Also an FYI, I just fixed a bug in legion alpha/beta where RELEASE versions of DBM were getting the alpha strictness in force disable. This issue does not apply to live. This is not intended and will be fixed in a new version soon. Release versions should not trigger this for a pretty long time, even in beta/ptrs. Only test/alpha versions of mod put the smack down really hard because test versions of mod need genuine feedback that isn't obsolete (which is why they are labeled test versions)

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Re: [Guide] DBM is updated too often

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:54 am

7.0.0 and 7.0.1 had a bug in it where the major patch would trigger again when it wasn't meant to. This wasn't intended and has been fixed already in 7.0.2 alpha. The major patch warning/disable should ONLY happen going from 6.x. to 7.x or 7.x to 8.x, etc.

Sadly since bug exists in 7.0.1 as well it means it WILL happen again when 7.0.2 is released. However be assured it's already fixed in 7.0.2. this is just another one of those things that couldn't really be tested in beta/alpha since there were no 7.x RELEASE versions of mod to trigger any update notifications.

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Re: [Guide] DBM is updated too often

Postby roa_dk » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:01 pm

Why is ppl complaining??? its bloody easy to keep it updated

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