DBM Classic 1.13.6 Released

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DBM Classic 1.13.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:30 pm

  • Tweaked Immolate warning to now be off by default on Garr, it still felt spammy enough to be an opt in warning, not opt out. Spam shouldn't be something that's ever defaulted
  • Added ignite mana timer to Baron Geddon
  • Added Inferno timer to Baron Geddon
  • Fixed bug with countdown yell for bomb on Baron Geddon
  • Made Bomb timer more robust on baron Geddon, in event actual debuff is resisted by target.
  • Fixed curse timer on Gehennas with live classic data.
  • Removed Doom Cast timer from Lucifron. he spends half the fight casting doom,it doesn't really need a cast timer showing that.
  • Added timers for first casts of doom and curse to Lucifron
  • Added optional (off by default) Conflagration target warning to Magmadar
  • Re-enabled Panic timer on Magmadar now that I've seen an agreeable amount of live classic timer data to confirm it.
  • Disabled all Deaden Magic warnings/timers on Shazzrah by default. That stuff can be spammy and spam should be opt in, not opt out.
  • Added Counterspell cooldown timer to Shazzrah
  • Fixed Gate timer on shazzrah being too slow.
  • Fixed initial curse timer on Shazzrah being too slow
  • Disable Deep Breath timer on Onyxia, even in interview blizzard admit that the timer for deep breath really was just math.random . It's still random in wrath but a minimum time added. can't be confident that's case in classic.
  • Restored deep breath warning functionality on Onyxia. in classic, the spells are hidden from combat log, so DBM had to go oldschool, antispam measures are already in place if that changes, whatever trigger happens first is used.
  • Updated tail swipe ID with classic one on Onyxia
  • Added missing Wing Buffet and Bellowing Roar warnings on Onyxia
  • Added syncing for yell triggers on Onyxia to ensure more users get the triggers if playing non english clients (in raid with people who are on english clients)
  • Added teleport and shield cooldown timers to Majordomo
  • Added missing Wrath of rag timer for first wrath cast after sons phase has ended.
  • Fixed ragnaros mod so that if you are sitting outside, you won't accept syncs that submerge phase has begun.
  • Work some additional ranges into rangecheck
  • Fix arg orders being backwards for emerge/submerge warnings, should fix green texture glitch
  • Fix voice pack sound filters on two bosses in MC
  • Tweaked paladin definitions a bitmore to ensure they are included in all warnings that apply to them
  • Reset option default on one of the reflect warnings to inherit the paladin changes
  • Fix regression from weeks ago that caused EJ icons to stop working
  • Updated MiniMap Icon and stripped out obsolete code
  • Check all shield slam ranks
  • Fix count bug here too
  • Small SM update
  • Confirmed boss unit IDs don't exist in raids, so continue path of de-volving mods into less efficient methods (fixes a lot of "x phase soon" warnings)
  • Fix UI-MinusButton
  • Fix numpty

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