[Guide] DBM Nameplate Auras

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[Guide] DBM Nameplate Auras

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:06 pm

Nameplate Auras are one of the newer features to DBM added in legion somewhat replace some of lost functionality of HudMap. HudMap was all powerful and could still somewhat automate or draw on world which blizzard doesn't want. Nameplate auras are more about helping identify things in clutter without any real kind of automation. An example being mob fixates. If there are a pile of parasites on G'huun in Uldir or plants on Botanist back from Nighthold, etc; you need to be able to identify very quickly which one is chasing you. Depending on UI mods you already have you may have nameplates that show an aggro border or you're super human and can see subtle difference blizzard puts on nameplate sizes based on aggro etc. If you're the average user, you probably don't have such perception or already configured mods to identify specific nameplates in a crowd for you.

This is where DBM comes in. The nameplate aura feature simply adds icons over relevant nameplates to help you identify important events in a crowd of nameplates. A mob fixating you, an important buff or debuff on an enemy that effects encounter and requires action etc. These nameplates can be enabled/disabled on a per encounter basis within any bosses option panels right under a convenient nameplate header.

DBM also offers global disables as well for nameplates. If you don't want to use feature at all, then you can disable it completely with a single box per usual. DBM always aims to be able to disable any feature globally without having to do it for every single encounter.

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