[Guide] DBM Global Filter Options

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[Guide] DBM Global Filter Options

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:46 am

DBM provides SEVERAL global filter options so that you can turn off certain features with a single checkbox and these globals disable those features across all encounters.

Recently a new filter was added and it was decided this new filter should be ON by default. I thought this was perfect time to better write about configuring these filters in case anyone wants to turn the new filter off (such as a raid leader/officer) or explore some of other filters to fine tune their boss mod to provide experience they desire.

Below is a screen shot of the global filters, which you can access by doing "/dbm" slash command then clicking "options" then "Global Disable & Filter Option".
In this example screen shot, the only thing filtered are general TARGET messages. This is a filter added in DBM 7.3.15+ that is on by default. This filters warnings like "debuff on target1, target2, target3" but not messages like "Phase 1" or generic spell warnings that were not deemed important enough to be louder/bigger special warnings. Anything that's a special warning is also not filtered by this, even if it's a target warning.

Now, above the generic target filter IS a filter that disables ALL generic warnings. If that's enabled it will always override the target filter option (basically the target filter option at that point won't matter if it's checked or unchecked).

The filters below generic target filter are for host of other features like special warnings, range frame, icons, infoframe, etc. Each one is a global disable for the select feature. Global filters come in most handy if you want to simplify DBM or if you want to use DBM in combination of another boss mod (I've seen some users for example install DBM for timers only, but use BW for warnings/sounds. To each their own. DBM supports this configuration via global disables.

So go forth, and explore the global options. Too many times I hear stories about people go through EACH encounter to enable/disable things when these global options/disables exist so users don't have to do that.

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