[Guide] DBM Profiles

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[Guide] DBM Profiles

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 7:53 pm

DBM 6.0.12+ has have built in profiles support. Here is what you need to know

1. This has no connection to 3rd party solution DBM-Profiles which has been around a while and used ace profiles. if you did use DBM-Profiles, these profiles are not migrated to our built in profiles. Only settings we migrate over are ones we detect within DBM saved variables. It's recommended you uninstall it going forward. Or update it if he makes an update that's compatible with this update.

2. Saved stats, and existing settings for non DBM-Profiles users import successfully. I'm told however that users who did use DBM-Profiles may lose all their settings (only 1 report so far).

3. DBM-Core has a default profile that controls only things related to core. Bar positions. Special warning colors, range finder location. Etc. All core functions. You are able to create different profiles if you wish to save diff bar positions or whatever for different characters and UIs if you wish. you can see this below in top of screen shot

4. DBM has separate profile behaviors that can be used specifically for mod configurations. You can see that above in bottom of above screen shot.

5. By Default, DBM will use single profile. it won't do anything fancy or change options at all. It'll use same settings for all specs. You have to enable option to support different options for each spec.

6. When enabled. DBM will automatically generate new options for each spec. It will even treat gladiator as it's own spec from protection warriors.

7. You are able to copy options from other specs, even other characters on your account (once you've logged into them and migrated their settings to the new account bound system.

8. You do not ever select your active profile. This is always done automatically based on your current spec/character. You change specs. a new profile loads, period. The only configuration there is to enable the feature, and to copy settings from another char, or delete another chars/specs settings if needed. You Can see how this works below.

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