[Guide/Add on Feature] DBM & Voicepacks

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[Guide/Add on Feature] DBM & Voicepacks

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 7:52 pm

For anyone that's been following process on the current DBM alpha versions. Me and the VEM team have been working hard to unify our projects and bring voice packs into DBM, and out to more users.


It has always been my belief that the fragmentation of VEM being it's own fork was never good for either project. They did amazing voice work, but often their mods lacked updates to the encounter modules themselves and their core also often lacked the constant improvements being made to DBM-Core on a more frequent basis since they always had to port official DBM updates into their fork. As a result, DBM had better maintained, more up to date mods, and better language support, but no voices.

They also worked on integrating the dead HudMap into VEM and got inventive with that too. This has now also been worked into DBM. More back story in HudMap article

Working together, we can focus on the parts we play in bringing something better all around while eliminating mod fragmentation and inconsistencies.

We've spent the last 3 weeks working hard to get everything finally ready and I believe we are pretty much there. As of RIGHT NOW, you can download DBM release version today. Just grab their voice packs directly off curse, and start using these new features immediately. I can't promise there won't be bugs, as it's a very new functionality. If you find any bugs, please report them here.

Here is what you need.

1. Latest DBM version off here or curse.

2. 3rd party voice packs available

3. Once installed correctly in Addons Folder.

4. Hop in game, do /dbm and then click "Options" then "Spoken Alerts"

Thats it. Voices are now enabled in Highmail. 5 man dungeons, and Draenor world bosses

Additional Tips:

1. One big change from VEM. I focused on an api that was far more configurable. Where you could enable/disable individual voice warnings on a per mod, per spell basis. So now, you can go to a specific boss and toggle specific alerts on and off to your preference. These options are only visible if a voice pack is installed. If one is not installed, they are conveniently hidden from configuration.

2. DBM has an option to automatically mute special warning sounds for alerts that also have voice warnings. You can find option to disable this behavior in additional options visible below where you select voice pack above.

3. You can also find an option to globally enable ALL voices too regardless of individual options within each mod, if you so choose.

Want to make your own voice pack. There is an example project that can be used here:

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