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[Guide] Notes

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 7:47 pm

This week I've been working on a long time feature I wanted to do. The notes feature. Well now, I'm proud to announce, this feature is near completion and ready for testing in alpha versions of DBM.

This feature lets you set a user entered note on ANY special warning. With these notes, now you can better customize your special warnings with additional information such as interrupt orders, or who's healer cooldown it is, or self reminders for certain jobs that YOU have to do.

Simply click the note button as outlined in screen shot then enter note in edit box as seen below

That's not all. Additional options have been added to give a different special alert sound and flash for warnings that have a note containing your player name in it. This means for example you have a healer cd to use on 3rd tantrum on darmac. You can literally configure your tantrum notes to show who's cd each tantrum is, and when it's YOUR turn the flash and sound will be totally different than all the other tantrum announces!
This option is enabled by default.

You can configure behavior of notes with name via SW5 options

You can copy notes from one spec or character to another via the profile drop downs shown in main stats area.

Additional Notes:

1. Multi warnings should now show "with count" indicating that warning supports multiple notes in the context of count 1 through whatever number. Before the GUI didn't really give clarity on what warnings counted and what didn't. I have made efforts to improve that so users know which warnings they could add multi notes for.

2. Entering multi notes is as simple as entering text split by / for each entry. For example this is my string for oregorger's acid torrent.

3. If it is NOT a count warning, it will support only a single note, period. It won't split notes even if they have "/" in them and it will just display the whole text.

4. Class coloring is enabled only if you enclose a players name in >playername<. Otherwise text color of names will be generic color like rest of note.


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