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Custom Timers Addon

Postby Metal Bee » Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:00 pm

Hey guys,

I've been searching all night for a solution to this and there doesn't appear to be a direct one. I was looking for a version of timers which would be customisable to allow for on screen displays at fixed intervals. i.e. for fights like Krosus, where the abilities are fixed, as a raid lead it would be handy to set out where I want certain cooldowns to be used, and for the dbm timer to count down these alerts, and notify me when they appear.

I have figured out a work around using /DBM timer, an example of my method is:
/dbm timer 30 Darkness 1 + Aura Mastery
/dbm timer 60 2nd Potions + Divine Hymn
/dbm timer 105 Commanding Shout + Spirit Link 1
/dbm timer 120 Darkness 2 + Apotheosis + Self Heals


The list of commands ended up stretching across 3 individual macros due to the character limit, and were then tied together using /click commands. I will then need to remember to click the macro right on pull in order to get my timers working. As a side note, for some reason the timers all work when used individually (between the 3 macros), however when used together I lose the first timer which occurs at 30 seconds. Incidentally the next timer is at 60 seconds and the last is at 340 seconds. I believe the limitation of a 300 second timer may be causing this?

In any case, what I am putting forward for suggestion is a set of customisable timer profiles for raid bosses, where the time and message are created by the user, and the profile is activated on pull by dbm, then shown as a separate set of timers.

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