Active mitigation check

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Active mitigation check

Postby Sumoren » Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:05 pm


Is it possible to know in the defensive warning message for the tank if the boss ability do an active mitigation check?

For example Dargrul's Molten Crash do an active mitigation check but Smashspite's Brutal Haymaker doesn't. But both have the same warning message in the code:
local specWarnMoltenCrash = mod:NewSpecialWarningDefensive(200732, "Tank", nil, nil, 3, 2)
local specWarnBrutalHaymaker = mod:NewSpecialWarningDefensive(198245, "Tank", nil, nil, 3, 2)--Incoming face fuck

And in the localization text I only see one defensive message:
defensive = "%s - defensive",

So from the code I don't see a difference between the two even if one do an active mitigation and not the other.

This could be useful when we have ability like Mark Of Ursol that mitigate magic but fail the active mitigation check. So with Dargrul's Molten Crash we must use Iron Fur if can cannot cast Iron Fur and Mark Of Ursol even if it's magic damage. Combined with the info on the incomming damage type (physical/magical) we could have all the info to choose the right ability for the situation if we cannot have both.

Thank you

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