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Support Topic Key

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 8:05 pm

This is just a support key to help indicate the status of any support issue so it's easier to keep track of what threads have been addressed by mods and what still need attention.

*Anything marked as (Fixed) is already fixed in latest alpha and may or may not be fixed in current release but will be in next.
*Anything marked as (Resolved) is support topic that was resolved that was not a bug or error in dbm.
*Anything marked as (Confirmed) has been confirmed but has not had a fix applied yet.
*Anything marked as (Needs Review) is already known but needs more information or review from other authors.
*Anything marked as (Waiting) needs more information from poster.
*Anything marked as (Duplicate) already has an open thread on same issue.
*Anything marked as (Invalid) issue not related to DBM, working as intended, or is was fixed BEFORE last stable release (which means yours version is likely out of date)
*Anything marked as (Closed) means the issue sat in waiting status too long and we could not proceed with the issue so it was archived after a long period of time passed.

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