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DBM 7.0.7 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:30 am

New Features

Emerald Nightare:
  • Added Tormenting Swipe announce/timer to Xavius
  • Added deathglare and corruptor announces and timers to Illygoth
  • Added warnings for dream buff on xavius. If tank or healer spec, it shows all healers or all tanks that got buff when it went out. If a dps, it just tells you whether or not YOU got it.
  • Added tank taunt warnings for all swaps on Xavius, including special consideration for 3 tank strat
  • Added web of pain announces for non tanks on Renferal

Bug Fixes
  • Possibly fixed a bug where player name would show multiple times on Infoframe if "always show player" was enabled.
Emerald Nightmare:
  • Fixed timer for Twisted sisters on Cenarius which was too fast. It was changed from 12 to 15 to allow each sister only one interruptor.
  • Fixed a bug where it told you to taunt for spear on cenarius even if YOU were the person who just took the spear.
  • Fixed a bug where combat start timers/countdowns would not start on Nythendra and instead would think she's going straight into bug phase. On beta there was a bug where she'd do this sometimes so DBM checked boss energy on pull to determine if she was going to bug out or not. This code was obsolete and broken and sometimes triggering so it was completely removed since it appears that bug was fixed by encounter team before that fight made live anyways.
  • Fixed a bug where Nythendra warned the beta mod was incomplete. This was a message that should have been removed earlier.
  • Fixed bug where Nythendra's berserk timer was too long on heroic. She has different berserk for normal and heroic.
  • Fixed lua error on Ursoc if you use DBMs soaker features (for real this time).
  • Fixed a bug where mod revision wasn't properly set on cenarius and as a result was warning users their cenarius mod was out of date even when it wasn't.
  • Fixed dispel voice pack warning from playing for people who don't actually have a dispel on Cenarius.
  • Fixed a bug where the brambles SPAWN target was not actually giving target name to anyone other than actual target (everyone else it was saying brambles was on cenarius). It'll now give correct SPAWN target. I need to emphasize again that the SPAWN target is not the FIXATED target. FIXATED target cannot be detected by mods per blizzards extra efforts to block us. DBM warns where it spawns, you move away from that spot then use your eyes to see who it's following. That's blizzards design intent.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadows (tornado) debuff on Renferal was not warning players actually targeted by debuff and instead warning players who walked into tornados. This bug was result of changes to combat log that required same work around as Necrotic Venom debuff. The mod now correctly warns players affected by TARGETING debuff.
  • Fixed bug where range frame showed incorrect range for Darkening Soul. It is now 25 on heroic+ difficulties and 15 on normal/lfr difficulties.
5 Man Dungeons:
  • Fixed bug where court of stars trash mod would tell you to dispel a mage who spell stole a buff off enemy.

  • Changed /way to /dway since more than just TomTom use /way and it's better to just avoid breaking them (dbm had a smart check to avoid conflicts with tom tom but this is safer than trying to find EVERY mod out there that uses /way)..
  • Made CheckNearby a more robust function that will now refuse to compare player to self when comparing two units within a mod for nearby warnings. This means a player should NEVER again see a "x nearby" warning for a spell that is ON them.
Emerald Nightmare
  • Changed stomp warning to be on by default for everyone instead of just melee on Cenarius.
  • Shortened cenarius first pull message and made it clearer. Also changed it to display on combat start AND end for first pull (message never shows again after first pull so wanted to ensure it was clearer and more visible)

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