DBM 7.0.6 Released

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DBM 7.0.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:44 pm

[*] Add GTFO for Burst on Nythendra

[*] Dark recon audio countdown now starts counting down from 10, up from 4
[*] Final Torpor timer is now 90 seconds
[*] Fixate infoframe should work correctly now and setting honored. Remember, you can still use minions frame if you want by changing the drop down in options.
[*] Fixed bug where Mind Flay Interrupt warning was on by default for everyone instead of just appropriate classes/specs
[*] Added marking of spew targets. This is off by default and needs to be enabled if desired. Will conflict with BW Deathglare marking.
[*] Changed spew target warning behavior to not warn as early as before. target scanning works but having people start running around several seconds early is overkill. Now DBM will tell users to start moving only when cast finishes/debuff goes out. HOWEVER I added a new pre warning that WILL warn you that you'll get debuff soon so to be ready for it at least (pre warning is not special warning)

[*] Fixed Miasma GTFO so it works correctly
[*] Made rend flesh warnings a little smarter for appropriate tank swaps.
[*] Added a global option to disable all the auto soaker assignment features with a single checkbox. By default the global disable is enabled (so if you want soaker features turn it off)
[*] Lua error for Focused gaze should be fixed. (EDIT, not completely fixed, comes back if re-enable the soaker stuff. will be fixed for real next release)
[*] Icon/warnings for Focused gaze should work correctly again (was related to lua error)

I wanted to push these fixes out asap with a minor release. There is still more work being done so expect another release in next day or two with the rest. However, I don't want to make users wait for first half of them.

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