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DBM 7.0.5 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:44 pm

Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major

New Features
Trial of Valor:
  1. Added mod for Odyn (full drycode right now but lays groundwork for later)
  2. Added mod for Guarm (also full drycode)

Emerald Nightmare:
  1. Added new infoframe Option to Illygoth to show fixated targets instead of add counts. The add count info frame is still available in options via a dropdown selection to choose which info frame is used. Fixate one is the new default

5 Man Dungeons:
  1. Added mod for shivermaw
  2. Added mod for Princess Thalena
  3. Added mods for Return to karazhan (no warnings/timers yet but basic combat detection should work already)

Bug Fixes
5 Man Dungeons:
  1. Fixed a bug where Wardens trash mod didn't load nor was it localized properly
  2. Fixed a bug that caused lua errors with some icon methods used on some 5 man bosses such as Illysanna Ravencrest.
  3. Fixed a lua error on last boss of Court of Stars.
  4. Fixed a bug where some Court of Stars trash/boss warnings told users to interrupt spells that blizzard changed at last minute to no longer be interruptible (At least i'm not only one with this bug, blizzard's own encounter journal has it too ;) ).
  5. Fixed a bug where Spider boss in Arcway would warn wrong spell name for GTFO warning.

  1. Cleaned up some old code where DBM might reposition Blizzard raid warning frame even though dbm hasn't used this frame for warnings in years
  2. Changed size of slider for timer bar width to make it much easier to resize it in smaller increments
  3. Removed option that allows dbm to fake dbm warnings as raid warnings. It wasn't a very used option and I wasn't fond of the hack.
  4. A bit more 7.1 refactoring to ensure DBM works smoothly on live and 7.1 with same version of mod. Automatically adhering to restrictions if they are detected.

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