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DBM 7.0.1 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:27 pm

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Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed a bug that caused Icon on combat start timer to be blank.
  2. Fixed a lua error that could occur when gaining a player level.
  3. Fixed a bug where profiles for boss mods (not core) no longer worked correctly and were only storing settings in profile 1 regardless of spec. For more information on this, it's recommended to read this post.
Hellfire Citadel:
  1. Fixed several warnings/timers not firing on Gorefiend if events happen in other phase. (As of 7.0 gorefiend events between stomach and non stomach no longer are shared which causes infoframe to break and warnings/timers not to fire/update. This fix fixes everything but infoframe.
  1. Do to a new bug in blizzards timer countdown text in relation to using an onupdate based scheduler, pull timers were changed to no longer delay the text until final count. Now it'll just use the blizzard timer for ENTIRE pull timer. This was only fix that made it work correctly again without forgetting how to count. Basically, the blizzard bug made it so if you told it to count from 5, it counted from 5 like it was supposed to but started at 4. So it would do 4 at 5, 3 at 4, 2 at 3, 1 at 2, then NOTHING at 1 then 0 at 0. You can trick it by adjusting for it forgetting how to count but then 0 would happen at +1 not 0 So it was still wrong this way too.
  1. Updates to several encounters from normal and LFR testing this past two weeks. For a complete list you can just check svn logs.

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