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DBM Localizers needed

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 7:12 pm

DBM is in dire need of localizers for the following languages:
  • ptBR (Portuguese) (Mostly good now, maybe a touch here and there)
  • esES/esMX (Spanish)
  • frFR (French)
  • itIT (Italian)
  • ruRU (Russian)

Currently these languages have poor or no support in DBM which causes fights blizzard likes to use yells/emotes as triggers (instead of CLEU) to be poorly supported in DBM when users play game in one of above languages.
This also causes some warning text or option text to display in english for features added to DBM since last time these languages were updated.

We cannot add translations for languages wow itself does not support so the languages above are the ONLY languages we're looking for.

You don't have to be a programmer to help is localize text. If you see something in english and want it in your own language, you can post updates on forum or in a PM to me. If you are familiar with svn and editing localization files in UTF-8 format, we can give you svn access to do the updates yourself. All DBM code is in Lua.

This is a volunteer gig only to help make mod more functional and usable by your peers. I cannot afford to pay you for your help sadly. Fortunately, the work involved is also very little. Once things are localized the work is usually maybe a couple minutes here and there to localize anything I update or change every once in a while.

How To:
  1. Basically, open localization.en (english file) and then compare with existing local files in your language (or if they don't exist in your language yet, copy english file and then translate the text to your language using the english file as a template.

  2. After making edits, you can share them on sites such as pastebin.com or paste2.org. Then post link to that paste here. Alternatively you can PM me to ask me for an email you can send files to. If your work looks good and you are comfortable with direct svn access I may grant you a login so you can do further commits on your own. However, I like to review your work first before I do that to ensure you have a basic understanding of the file editing before risking harmful commits to main repository so I generally prefer you send me edited files or paste them online first.

Additional Notes:
  1. "Option" and "Warning" lines generally can be translated best wording you choose. "Misc" ones generally require it to be an exact match to blizzards in game translation because often those are for chat based triggers like a boss yelling something. Those can be grabbed using /chatlog in game for encounter that needs them.
  2. There is a formatting difference between tables in english file vs non english files, that's for coding reasons to prevent incomplete translations from overwriting the entire table and then causing nil errors for missing translations. Those are supposed to not match. This is intended.

The part I mean on that is English

target = "%s on <%%s>",

vs which would be any non english file

DBM_CORE_AUTO_ANNOUNCE_TEXTS.target = "%s sur <%%s>";

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