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DBM 8.2.12 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:17 pm

New Features:

Eternal Palace:
  • The summoner adds timer on Za'qul will now fade during stages 2 and 3 (since even though the timer loop still exists there, no adds will actually come out).
  • Updated all timers for Mythic Azshara. Some stage 4 timers and 1 stage 3 timer still not updated do to blizzard not liking combat log very much, but I'll get those once I gain access to those soon once I get hands on a further progressed transcriptor log.
  • Added a generic warning for charge on Court if you have stand alone, so you at least get SOME warning (since special warning only fires if you ARE the target, or you are not target AND not affected by stand alone). (8.2.12)

5 Man Dungeons:
  • King Mechagon is now supported on hard mode (and overal quality of mod also improved).
  • Also updated HK8, KUJ0, Garden, Trixie/Naeno, and Tussle Tonks mods with improved timers and ability detection.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused audio countdowns on timers not to also be updated when time is added to a timer in certain circomstances.
  • Fixed death filters being backwards on interrupt and dispels

Eternal Palace:
  • Fixed a bug where dread timer was too slow for first dread of stage 4 za'qul. Now, when stage 4 begins, dbm will remove 10 seconds from existing dread timer to handle fact that literally seems to be what happens. Whatever time is remaining on dread timer when Stage 4 starts, has 10 seconds chopped off.
  • Fixed diferred sentence warnings so they actually go off and changed warning text to be non instructive during queens court.
  • Deleted the "fixed" differred sentence warnings, because they spammed like hell and did NOT work as intended. (8.2.12)
  • Fixed charge warning on court to actually show target name when you aren't the one targetted. (8.2.12)

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed lua error that could occure in freehold if any of the council of captains were falsely returning true for UnitAffectingCombat() when boss wasn't pulled, causing dbms legacy combat detection to fire. The mod has now been instructed to ignore that and only use valid ENCOUNTER_START events for that encounter


Eternal Palace:
  • Removed the Pashmars touch taunt warning on queens court, for same reason Silivaz touch warning was removed. Two diff bosses with two diff stacking debuffs that stack up at diff rates and have multiple opinions on WHEN/how many stacks they should be swapped, it's better to not warn at all than to warn incorrectly. The general stack warnings for both bosses will always be shown, and from that hopefully tanks can communicate their own taunts.
  • Void Slam warning will no longer show on Za'qul if you are not in the Delirium Realm

5 man Dungeons:
  • Removed spammy self destruct warning from HK8 encounter in mechagon

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