DBM 8.2.10 Released

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DBM 8.2.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:18 am

New Features:

Eternal Palace:
  • Added missing taunt warning for Briny Bubble, I thought that was already in mod, my mistake!

  • Added support for Danath Trollbane - Horde Arathi Heroic

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused none of DBM's built in sounds to be available when choosing a custom special warning sound at mod specific level.

Eternal Palace:
  • Some mythic Za'qul timer fixes
  • Looks like at some point a couple very minor ashvane adjustments were made to make timers more consistent, allowing me to purge some of my condition checks, which will fix the new issue that suddenly bash timer was 1.1 seconds slow and briny timer being 0.6 seconds slow.
  • Fixed Arcing yells showing in all difficulties or Orgozoa, apparently that's something blizzard changed on live to be mythic only mechanic (or it was always a mythic only mechanic and journal was very unclear about it)
  • Fixed a lot of incorrect timers on engage for Queens court on some difficulties
  • Fixed Fanatical Charge timer being too slow on 3 of the 4 difficulties of Queens court
  • Fixed Decree timer in LFR Court, which is MUCH slower and only has 3 types


  • DBM sound media that isn't supported by LibSharedMedia(because it uses soundkit Ids not file data will now also be sorted alphabetically). It'll still always appear above media provided by LibSharedMedia, so you'll see A-Z DBM SoundKit sounds in list first, followed by A-Z sounds provided through LibSharedMedia. Note, some DBM provided sounds will still appear in LSM list since DBM shares any sounds that aren't soundkit sounds. Short version, all sounds are there but sorting is a little different/better within dropdowns.
  • If player is dead, they can't interrupt or dispel. Now both of DBM-Core filters check for this.

Eternal Palace:
  • Made the bash taunt warning smarter on Ashvane so it doesn't tell you to swap needlessly after 2nd bash. If bubble is next then you'll swap at bubble when it happens, NOT after 2nd bash. Note: if you are doing a tank strat where one tank just takes both bash, just disable the bash taunt warning if you only swap at bubbles and nothing else.

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