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DBM 8.2.7 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:35 pm

New Features:

  • Updated audio countdown object in timers to support custom countdowns for everything (just like special warnings). This means that you are no longer limited to 3 voices, you can actually have unlimitted voices during an encounter via the mod dropdowns. There are still 3 core voice options which will be used as defaults, exactly like special warnings work, and just like special warnings, you can define those default voices in core spoken alert setup.
  • A new built in countdown option has been added. SmoothMcGroove!

Eternal Palace:
  • Added countdown yells for tank debuffs on Sivara
  • Added Berserk timers for Sivara, Behemoth, Radiance, Ashvane, Orgozoa, Queen Azshara, Za'qul, and Court (mythic Court only)

World Bosses:
  • Added support for Heroic Arathi Warfront (Alliance - Rokhan)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed lua errors in iconSet within DBM-Core

Eternal Palace:
  • Fixed Arcing Current detection on Mythic Orgozoa
  • Possibly Fixed Decree aggregation on Azshara (attempt number 3)


  • Changed default voice for count 3 from Pewsey to Smooth. The audio quality in Smooth is just better for a built in default. Pewsey voice didn't go anywhere don't worry.

World Bosses:
  • The Azeroth (BfA) mod now sorts bosses into sub cats.

Dev Note:
This release is effectivey an open beta, however the timeframe to test the heroic warfront stuff is on a timer, and needs more than just me testing it. As such, a release had to be rushed to ensure testing and feedback of mod actually happens WHILE the heroic warfront is up on alliance side.

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