DBM 8.2.6 Released

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DBM 8.2.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:00 am

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed built in music media for Event Sounds feature.

Eternal Palace:
  • Fixed a bug where hulk timer may persist into Phase 1.5/2 if a hulk activated as Azshara transitions
  • Fixed briny near warning to aggregate multiple targets, as well as fixed bug where it didn't give target names.
  • Fixed a major regression that utterly broke Ashvane mod. Some last minute refactors i put into 8.2.5 had a serious coding mistake that made mod near useless beyond a single phase. Sorry about this!


Eternal Palace:
  • Disable the swap warning on Court, because it's kind of fight that the less you swap the better, it's one of those things it's better DBM doesn't try to automate for you. Plus since i'm no longer anyones main tank, i'm not really in a position to know these numbers anymore anyways, so it makes sense to just remove the tank swap warning. You'll see general stack warnings and personal stack high warnings, but there will be no "taunt x now" warnings anymore on this fight. Use your mic for that.
  • Changed aggregation on sivara to be even more lose. it'll mean even slower personal warning when color changes, but also less likely to double warn/double yell when you're just clearing your stacks.

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