DBM 8.2.5 Released

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DBM 8.2.5 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:52 am

New Features:

Eternal Palace:
  • Added switch warnings for big adds in stage 1 and 2 Azshara for dps. The stage 2 warnings won't work on normal or LFR though since they use an event that only exists in heroic+
  • Added Preliminary P3 beckon timer for second Azshara beckon cast of phase. needs a LOT more data since it only knows first two casts on heroic and only 1 cast on non heroic.
  • Added auto range checker to Behemoth on all difficulties
  • Added fading countdown yells to Piercing Barb to Behemoth
  • Added timer fade to gale buffet timers on mythic Radiance of Azshara based on which stormwrath you are near.
  • Re-Added the rippling wave special warning to ashvane mod, but made it off by default. Wave handlers now has a warning they can enable and customize as needed.
  • Updated Orgozoa mod to no longer stop add timers after 3 casts during stage 1, since now it's possible to get more than 3 add sets.

World Bosses:
  • Updated Ulmath timers to cd timers instead of AI timers

Bug Fixes:

Eternal Palace
  • Fixed some heroic timers on phase changes for abilities who's timers do NOT match normal mode Azshara
  • Fixed a bug on Azshara where reversal timer was started in Stage 2 normal and not heroic. logic was reversed.
  • Fixed Heroic Azshara arcane detonation timer, it's faster than normal by 5 seconds.
  • Fixed timer for First Chimeric Marks on mythic Sivara, which differs on live from PTR
  • Possible fix to azshara decree special warnings only ever showing first passed objective instead of all of them (didn't affect yells, which corrected detected them all)
  • Fixed timer start event for Stormwraths to be more accurate on Radiance of Azshara, but disabled arcane bomb start timer since it's affected by spell lockout and I don't want to hard code every spell lockout into an ability it'll use right away once spell lockout ends.
  • Fixed Ashvane timer handling so it better supports the major differences between normal's timers, and the timers heroic/mythic use.
  • Fixed a bug where first inversion timer didn't show on normal Sivara
  • Fixed some of start timers on behemoth after verifying them in all 4 difficulties so they are a little more accurate.
  • Fixed bug on Radiance where the tide fist timer and cast warnings never showed on any difficulty do to a spell ID swap.

World Bosses:
  • Fixed Shock Burst yell/warning on Wekemara so that it's now functional
  • Fixed Bioelectric Blast warning on Wekemara so it's more appropriate and not giving incorrect instruction/warning priority.
  • Fixed Wekemara's timers which were incorrectly set to invalid cd timers instead of AI timers. Now they're valid cd timers.


Eternal Palace:
  • Moved Azshara P4 trigger to an earlier trigger, but left old one in case new one is a little too soon. Added some debug lines so advanced users can pay attention to whether or not the earlier P4 trigger has issues or not.
  • Added mythic icon to Barb timer on Behemoth
  • Cleaned up timer code for radiance now that all 4 difficulties have been verified on live to have same timers.

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