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DBM 8.2.1 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 26, 2019 4:02 am

New Features:

  • The timer object in DBM now supports built in countdown functionality. This allows you to set an audio countdown on ANY timer in any mod to use an audio countdown. Simply open GUI and go to timer in question and choose a count voice that timer will use. Be aware that many timers it makes sense to do so, will still have already enabled count voices by default. The old countdown objects have been removed from ALL mods and any timers that previously had countdowns will now have those default countdowns selected in new dropdown system. See Dev notes at bottom for more information. ALL OLD MODS MUST BE UPDATED
  • Improved the yell countdown object so it's easier to automate scanning time remaining on fly. This should help avoid countdowns that have wrong time for trolls, going forward. It's become apparent that in some cases the troll racial affects how fast a debuff that needs countdown yell, expires so going forward DBM is just going to default to this method instead of hard coded times.
  • Added support for showing distance to target and title on DBM arrow. This makes DBM arrow far more useful for 3rd party use, or for use of /dway function as a quest helper.
  • Where appropriate, DBM will now show Mythic journal icon on timers during boss fights for mythic only abilities.

Eternal Palace:
  • Preliminary azshara updates post testing. Still a lot more work to do for Stage 2-->3 intermission, Stage 3 and Stage 4
  • Updated ALL bosses from Mythic raid testing and normal raid testing.

  • Added warnings 2 abilities used during mekkatorque achievement
  • Added warnings 2 abilities used during stormwall Blockade achievement

World Bosses:
  • Added missing mod for Wekemara
  • Added missing load conditions for both world bosses in Nazjatar

Brawlers Guild:
  • Timers will now auto fade when you're not the active fighter. This will allow users to set their own countdowns on brawlers guild timers without having to hear them when they aren't fighter. The way new countdown object works, if a timer bar is faded, it's also muted automatically. So this makes brawlers guild timers seamless with the new countdown/timer hybrid object.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a possible addon sync abuse vulnerability that'd allow users to send fake world boss engaged messages to you via non bnet whisper syncs. DBM now auto rejects ANY whisper sync from someone who isn't on friends list or isn't in same group as you.
  • Fixed two missed conditions where PlaySoundFile could still throw a lua error. (8.2.1)

  • Fixed bug where blast countdown yell on Cabal would count down somewhere between 2-3 when it wasn't supposed to.

World Bosses:
  • Fixed bug where Ivus boss name would be missing/incorrect in non english locals


  • DBM will now automatically reject unsupported media paths registered to LibSharedMedia so that paths not supported by 8.2 are no longer included in DBM sound drop downs. DBM will now only accept file paths for media residing in within addons folder from shared media.
  • DBM will no longer auto respond to whispers from non friends with it's "busy fighting so and so" feature. To improve security and privacy, this feature is now limited to people on your friends list or in your guild

  • Added counts to target/personal warnings for siegebreaker and broadside to jaina.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Made Drill Smash target announce much faster on final boss of motherload.

Dev Note:
  • Finally finishing up timer/countdown merger was long time coming. I actually started and deleted this at least 4 diff times in past, because I could never decide best way to do it. Often overthinking it by trying to automate voice assignments (auto allocating voices to prevent overlap). I used to always have believe it was my job to protect users from themselves.
  • This is why for longest time the countdown objects could only be hard coded by me in a way that I chose the voice assignments and most important timers. Done this way to ensure that the configuration was always optimal and had no overlap (ie two abilities using same voice that could possibly occur within same stage of a fight and overlap). Every time I started coding the feature to let users enable as many countdowns as they want, I always got stumped on how to solve this problem.
  • Well, I finally gave up trying to protect users from themselves. I opened the flood gates, so to speak, and just coded the feature without these protections. If a user enables countdowns on 8 timers at same time and even sets them all to same voice, that's on them. I decided to no longer let dbms core features be held back by me trying hard to prevent a user created problem from happening. This goes without saying, but if you create this problem for yourself anyways. That is on you. The very core reason dbm lets you choose up to 3 different voices is to help mitigate this problem, but it's up to you to allocate them properly to ensure the feature is productive and not turned into background noise you'll tune out and ignore because you over saturated your audio space with duplicate count sounds or too many countdowns at once.
  • Remember, voices are actually set in Spoken Alert global options. Use feature wisely as well. If your global options are set to same voice 3x over (terrible configuration), you should fix that. 3 UNIQUE voices should be selected in core, so you can assign up to three difference voices in the new mod drop downs. This is why there are 3 voices after all.
  • I may even expand the core options to 4 voices, and add a 4th to dropdowns, if it makes sense to do so. The growing number of abilities/timers on encounters is slowly making 3 more difficult to be enough on some fights.
  • You are not limited to build in voice choices, here are a LOT more to choose from with count packs available here: https://wow.curseforge.com/search?search=dbm+count

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