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DBM 8.1.24 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri May 03, 2019 1:54 am

New Features:

  • Mods can how set a max level for the world boss ready check engage sound. This allows core to ignore world bosses pulled near you that are below that certain level threshold. You want to know if Ordos was pulled when you're level 90, but not when you're level 120.

Eternal Palance
  • Added full drycode for Abyssal Commander Sivara
  • Added full drycode for Blackwater Behemoth
  • Added full drycode for Lady Ashvane

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added new warning to yell at tanks to move captains during freehold captains encounter if they are standing in a good brew buff
  • Added a new general announce when good brews are cast, including saying which one it is on captains encounter in freehold

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Yogg-Saron: Laugh was using wrong soundkit Id and playing some random song instead, when triggered by eventsounds feature.
  • Fixed a bug where ready check sound was not actually always playing through dialog or master audio channel do to the sound duplication filter built into PlaySound object. Now DBM will pass false to the optional duplication protection feature when it's playing a file on Master or Dialog channel to resolve this issue.
  • Fixed regression from DBM 8.0.x update with spell lookup text caching that caused cast time and pre warn time to be broken and display 0.0 in certain announce warnings since (such as upheaval on sand queen in Tol Dagor)

  • Fix creature Ids for Cabal, so boss health reporting actually works.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Apparently emote no longer fires on heroic and mythic Yazma for Soul Rend, so move warning to SPELL_CAST_START instead. This will make warning function again on heroic and higher difficulty


  • Changed Uunat icon usage to be compatible with latest BW update.
  • While at it, removed torment icon marker option from uunat. Even though it's off by default, I have to protect users from themselves and this option isn't compatible with mythic icon options (sorry non mythic raiders that were using it)
  • Updated Uunat yell code to allow users to toggle relic and unstable yells independently of one another since my favorite druid requested it at one point :)

Known Issues:
  • There exists a blizzard bug with PlaySound() where it actually ignores "Master" as a channel arg and plays soundkit Ids through "Dialog" regardless of "Master" being passed. This seems to be true for any media added during or after cataclysm. so for example if you do /run PlaySound(25780, "Master") it'll actually play it on "Dialog" regardless. if you pass SFX it plays through SFX correctly, and obviously if you pass Dialog it still plays dialog. but master is useless.
  • This is problematic if the user actually disables dialog volume, or sets dialog volume lower than master because it results in some DBM sounds to not play at all or play at a lower volume than intended since they aren't on "Master" channel. Sadly, I have found no way to work around this bug on DBM's end. This is a bug with PlaySound api itself that blizzard needs to fix.
  • Sounds from wrath and earlier do not seem affected by bug. /run PlaySound(15757, "Master") will for example play on Master audio channel.
  • You can test this by simply disabling dialog sound channel, then running both of these PlaySound scripts and seeing that the wrath one works and cata one doesn't.

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