DBM 8.1.22/21 Released

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DBM 8.1.22/21 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:19 am

New Features:

  • Uunat mod now has a drop down menu that lets you control which icons are used for the Unstable Resonance helper. This feature even lets raid leader override behavior of all other DBM users in raid automatically. If no RL running DBM in riad, mod will use what YOU choose in drop down.
  • Updated timers for unstable Resonance on Mythic uunat
  • Updated timers for Eyes and undying guardian during stage 1 for their 2nd casts and how they interact with one another in all difficulties of Uunat
  • Added timer for when Visage will vanish on heroic and mythic Cabal
  • Updated timers for Mythic Uunat with updates from Blizzard April 29th hotfixes
  • Updated torment timer for Mythic uunat April 30th Hotfixes (8.1.22)

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added 5 more boss drycodes to Mechagon, completing the zones mod drycodes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed more integer overflow errors in non english clients (I only fixed it in english client forgetting %d was still used in other languages). Honestly, it's pretty dumb to have to work around wow lua using 32 bit code in first place. Blizzard should update their lua code.
  • Fixed bug where DBM Core revision was using file modification date instead of project modification date, for revision integer

  • Fixed a bug where countdown yell for Aphotic Blast had wrong expire time
  • Fixed bug where special warning for Aphotic Blast showed every time you got a new stack or refreshed your 3 stack. only intended to warn you when you first get it.
  • Fixed missing timer for first eyes in Stage 3 uunat in all difficulties
  • Fixed torment timer on non mythic uunat in all difficulties to account for fact it's a scaling timer (600/raidSize) (8.1.22)


  • Disabled the forced 8.2 compliant sound file migration for now, (it'll auto re-enable on ptr or patch 8.2 on live). This will cause sounds to stop resetting to default if you use custom sounds that don't comply with 8.2 api changes. Just know that eventually this will happen again but hopefully by then the addons registering that media, do so with proper soundkit ID.
  • Reverted a bugfix in core that caused PlaySound functions to use Dialog channel (instead of master) when force master was set to true. The old logic was flawed and was Dialog > force master > master > sfx. It was intended to be force master > dialog > master > sfx. I fixed the bug, people didn't like it. Old behavior wasn't doing any harm so reverted to way it was before. (8.1.22)

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