DBM 8.1.17/8.1.16/8.1.15 Released

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DBM 8.1.17/8.1.16/8.1.15 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:08 pm

New Features:

Crucible of Storms
  • Updated timers for uunat stage 1 (stage 2 and stage 3 still use AI timers for now until more data becomes available tomorrow)
  • Updated timers/warnings for uunat stage 2 (8.1.16)

Bug Fixes:

Crucible of Storms
  • Fixed a bug that'd cause some phase change timers to run through a wipe, if you wiped during phase change intermission on Uu'nat (8.1.17)

  • Fixed negative interaction with nameplate lines and "moveanything" addon.
  • Fixed bug with nameplate lines where they'd fail to hide sometimes when they should.
  • Fixed a bug that'd cause class color to not work on InfoFrame for players on other realms (8.1.16)
  • Fixed a bug that'd cause false out of date notifications with DBM 8.1.16 (8.1.17)

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed/improved timers for infested Crawg in Under Rot (Ref. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=429&p=1184#p1184)
  • **Fixed invalid creatureID trigger for Demolisher Terror timer on Viq'Goth in Siege of Boralus. HOW the timers work has been valid since day 1, it just never worked cause I had wrong CID in the triggers.


  • Migrated entirety of DBM's repo system to Github. In addition, had to change how version system works slightly. This will trigger some false "SUPER out of date" warnings for previous version. This is unavoidable part of migration.

Crucible of Storms
  • Removed tank mechanics from Restless Cabal that blizzard seems to have removed.

  • Disabled nameplate lines on Jaina by default, since a lot of users complained.

Dev Note:
**Please users, don’t assume I forgot to add it or mod is unfinished. Assume that it is finished and something is wrong and I don't know about it (remember, I'm still inactive from high end raiding and dungeons until things settle down.). I'm counting on users more than ever to screen yell and fuss even if things aren't 100% and amazing :( )

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