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DBM 8.1.12 Released

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:55 am
by MysticalOS
New Features:

  • Added option to automatically lower weather intensity setting to lowest setting when Jaina is engaged, and change it back on end of combat with her.
  • Added icon marking and icon yells and icon warnings for avalanche to Jaina, by user request.
  • Added icon option to blockade, by user request, for storm debuffs in stage 2
  • Added nameplate auras to interrupts on Grong
  • Added personal warning for Crackling Lightning on Blockade thanks to 8.1.5 finally adding a tracking debuff for it ( ... #changelog)

  • Added some additional warnings for some trouble spots I observed in rank 1 and 7 battles. (If you have boss/warning requests, please share them and I'll continue expanding brawlers guild support)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where range check would play the warning sound during reverse range check function when player is GOOD.
  • Fixed other infoframe situation where class color from previous line was getting applied to next line

  • Reverse range check fixes on Mythic Jaina so it’s more efficient and fixed a bug with it not resetting back to 1 when it’s supposed to
  • Fixed bug where reverse range check on grong would expect you to keep 2 players near you (besides yourself) instead of counting yourself as one of 2 and only expecting 1 additional player near you.
  • Fixed bait warning for glacial ray saying wrong spell name on Jaina

  • Fixed some warnings/timers for some bosses that weren't working correctly do to mis registered or missing registers events


  • Necrotic Smash on Rastakhan will now have better handling to filter warnings and fade timers as needed on non mythic difficulty when in death realm

  • Re-arranged modules to be in line with Season 4 with correct bosses under correct ranks.

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