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DBM 8.1.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:48 am

New Features:

  • Reworked all Misc Options and split icons, yells, nameplates into their own sub categories. Infoframe and misc bool options will still be in "Misc" option list, but icons yells and nameplates now have their own exclusive lists to better organize these options for easy finding.
  • Added ability to set custom bar alpha to DBM timers. Each bar type (small/large) can have their own alpha setting.
  • Added ability to Keep timers on screen when a cooldown expires. Feature will only be used case by case in select mods it seems most useful (like bosses with serious spell queuing issues like jaina, fallen avatar, etc). Instead of timer disappearing at 0, if the "keep" flag is set to true, it'll stay on screen and start counting time since ability came off cooldown in negative numbers until that ability is cast.
  • Added ability to fade timers on a per timer basis for whatever reason it makes sense to do so. One such example is fading bars for abilities that are out of our range. Other usages may be used down the line. This option can be globally disabled in DBM bar options. This will also work well with custom bar alphas, because fade effect is whatever your current alpha is divided by 2. So if you're small bars are 0.8 and large are 1.0, a faded small is 0.4 and faded large is 0.5.
  • Added new callbacks so Weak Auras or other addons can integrate fully with both "keep bar" feature and "bar fading" feature. So if, for example, you have a weak aura that replaces DBM timers with it's own thing, author should be able to update it to support all keep/fade/unfade calls). Test functions are in Jaina and Rastakhan mods for testing "keep' and "fade" timers. Look at mods for /run commands and notes to help test your weak auras/addon integrations

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Added tampering/shrunk helper infoframe to Mekkatorque
  • Extended timer data for Mekkatorque for pulls as long as 13minutes
  • Updated timer code and interrupt code for elemental on Jaina stage 2.5 for way it splits on mythic (if you even let it split :P )
  • Improved Mythic & Heroic Jaina timers/warnings for all stages.
  • Updated 2 timers on jaina, per more undocumented changes I can confirm from recent logs
  • Jaina mod will now use the "Keep timer on screen" feature for some abilities that are most notably affected by her spell queuing issues.
  • Improved mod options across all mods in zone to use journal headers in timer options.
  • Improved Heart of Frost warning to be faster during Jaina
  • Improved Grasp of Frost dispel warning to be faster during Jaina
  • Improved timers on Stage 3 rastakhan to fade out rastakhan or bwonsamdi timers based on what phase player is in.
  • Improved timers on boats during blockade to fade out timers for boat you aren't on.

Bug Fixes:

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Fixed playername yell bug that'd cause it to stop spamming when player entered a robot on Mekkatorque
  • Fix kragwa's Wrath timer. (not sure when it was changed to 4 jumps, it was 3 when i made timer :\)
  • Fix bad spellID on ice shard tank taunt check (which would cause it to tell you to taunt before yours were gone during Jaina)
  • Change P2 trigger on Rastakhan to fix bug where previous P2 trigger triggered a little too early and would break timers if another P1 ability was cast since transition time is about 7 seconds. This new P2 trigger slower but avoids problems with timers
  • Fixed bug where infoframe wouldn’t close on a Jaina wipe, if wiping during Howling Winds
  • Fixed a bug where stage 2 announce would spam on transition into stage 2 on mythic.
  • Fixed bug on jaina where the ice icon over barrel nameplate would not get removed do to duplicate "applied" events from CLEU that DBM needs to filter/ignore.


  • Changed decimal default for timer text to only show timer decimals below 11 seconds, down from 60. Main reason for this, decimal takes 2 additional character slots on small timers, which only forces actual timer text to further truncate, and for a decimal second that doesn't really matter until timer is closer to expiring. Now, with these defaults, the decimal basically shows up only on the large timer anchor. Remember, you can still change this to your own preference via slider in timer options.

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Changed old add spawn warning on Jaina to a soon announces instead of a now one, since it's actually a pre warning. Changed timer to show when add spawn actually happens, not when pre warning happens. Added another warning for actual add spawn (that requires localizing to work, which is why pre spawn trigger was used before, but I'm ok with supporting both events)
  • While fixing the Kragwa's timer, added timer for each jump as well, not just timer between each set.
  • Changed special warning for Freezing Blood to be off by default on mythic jaina, based on user feedback.
  • Changed yells on mekkatorque so tampering yells are red text and shrunk yells (not in a robot) are still white. Changed enormous yell from red to white..This means the ONLY chat bubbles that are red now are players in robots.

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