DBM 8.1.8 Released

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DBM 8.1.8 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:51 am

New Features:

  • *Text based range checker (the gimped thing blizzard has reduced us to in raids) will now show summary line at bottom that'll tell us specifically how many players are in range. In addition, this will be color coded based on whether you are safe (within defined threshold).

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Added support for Chaotic Displacement on mythic Opulence. This includes special warning, target warning, timer, and optional (off by default) yell.
  • Added audio countdown for scorching detonation and Inevitable End on Rastakhan
  • Added audio countdown for Prayer of fallen to first boss
  • Added audio countdown for Kragwas Wrath to conclave
  • Added audio countdowns for Adds, Tank Combo, and fear to Grong
  • Added mythic timer support to Mythic Mekkatorque. They are sequenced perfectly, just like other difficulties, to give the most accuracy possible. No assumptions made and everything vetted to give most thorough and complete timers that account for even most subtle differences between heroic and mythic (such as two abilities that have a swapped order only on mythic). DBM leaves no room for guessing.
  • Added audio countdowns to world enlarger, gigavolt charge, and wormhole generator on Mekkatorque
  • Added support for Stage 1 (boat) Sea Swell to Mythic Blockade (warnings timer and countdown). Additionally, updated timer for Sea Swell in Mythic Stage 2, which is still 17 seconds.
  • Also Added Stage 2 warnings/timers for Sirens to Mythic Blockade as well.
  • Added a more robust way to detect Bwonsamdi's Wrath on Mythic conclave, without relying so heavily on localized strings. This should result in more languages getting working timers for this ability.

Bug Fixes:

Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Fixed another jadefire Masters lua error, this one on Mythic only.
  • Fixed detection of grievous axe on mythic Rastakhan, which should fix timers/warnings for it.
  • Fixed timer for scorching detonation in P3 Rastakhan (all difficulties) which got mis-entered somehow
  • Fixed count in scorching detonation timers on Rastakhan, which were showing "unknown" instead of a number
  • Fixed lua error spam on Opulence if you personally have stacks of Earthen Roots or Unleashed Rage
  • Fixed option spellId/name for Broadside icon option on Jaina
  • Fixed spellid/name for Hastening Wind on Conclave


Battle for Dazar'Alor
  • Inevitable End timers will now show spell count on Rastakhan
  • Gem helper Infoframe on Opulence will now sort tanks absorb checks and Dps Incandescent stacks separately instead of mixing them together
  • Some timers on Mekkatorque will now use shorter text name to help truncate some of longer spell names better.
  • Changed Sea Swell warning, timer, and countdown to sync up with cast SUCCESS (finish) not START on blockade

Dev Notes:
*The importance of this will shine the most on fights like mythic jaina or older fights like garrosh or thok that employed same basic practice. Needing to stay within x player threshold of nearby players. This is something radar was always able to do with a red or green radar color that was clear to see, but never really was well presented on text range checker because the radar superseded it during wrath. Sadly, we're in a time where radar is long gone and text based checker needed to be improved to fill the gap somehow.

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