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DBM 8.1.5 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:09 am

New Features:

  • Added new slash command "/dbm infoframe" specifically for showing/hiding infoframe for the purpose of moving/adjusting it's position out of combat. This was always possible through general options GUI via a button, but button was tucked away in part of GUI users never really ventured and this will be easier to direct other users to do going forward.
  • Added a new cinematic block option, "only during boss fights" and make it the new default.
    This is because blizzard still puts multiple cut scenes on SAME map with no unique movie IDs, causing it to be too difficult to distinguish these two scenes from one another. Users are welcome to use any of old options such as "always" or “after once”, but “after once” is just not reliable until blizzard makes API less useless in identifying unique cut scenes that occur in same map

Battle of Dazar'Alor:
  • Updated timers/Warnings on All encounters with fresh ones from live, including adding some missing ones.


  • in addition to new command for infoframe, the old command "/dbm unlock" which used to only unlock timer bars for moving around, now also unlocks infoframe and range frame for moving around as well.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where auto logging feature wouldn't log fights in BoD or CoS

Battle of Dazar'Alor:
  • Fixed lua error when Mekkatorque cast Gigavolt
  • Fixed a bug where people on Sisters boat, got warnings for Brother's shield during blockade
  • Fixed countdown yell for KepWrapped counting down earlier than it should be (since debuff changed from 15 sec to 18 on live)
  • Fixed bug where Opulence mod could consider it a wipe when group dropped combat between mini bosses dying and main boss being engaged.
  • Fixed bug that'd cause some gigavolt and bot spawn warnings not to show on mekkatorque
  • Fixed bug on Jaina where you'd see double warnings when jaina and image both cast a spell in Stage 3
  • Fixed countdown yell for broadside so it doesn't start counting early (debuff was changed from 4 second to 6 on live)
  • Fixed Champion of Light so stage change timer will cancel when all adds die and boss returns to boss stage early, since blizzard changed fight to end that stage early should you beat adds before clock runs out.
  • Fixed bug where icons were still used for spread hexes when it’s intended to only use icons for initial hex targets during conclave encounter.
  • Fixed bug with wrath timers canceling when their aspect dies. they don’t cancel/reset, they carry on during Conclave fight
  • Fixed bug on Mekkatorque where icons were incorrectly set on Gigavolt Charge targets and as a result player yells and position warning would also be screwed up.
  • Fixed up infoframe on blockade to do what it was intended to do. Show boss energy for big guy, and show any player who has storm debuff with remaining duration.
  • Fixed infoframe on Jaina so it should correctly show stacks now.
  • Fixed countdown yell for Hex of Lethargy on Opulence to count down at correct time (debuff changed from 10 to 30)


Battle of Dazar'Alor:
  • Changed freezing blast special warning to only be on by default for tanks, instead of everyone. Everyone else will get generic warning during Jaina encounter.
  • Removed gift of wind special warning on Conclave, it's cast often and doesn't really need a strong warning like that. Added a general warning to replace it.
  • Updated rastakhan now that the realms are both in combat log with new anti spam measures for some warnings and updated timers
  • Added spell cast count to a few more warnings during Mekkatorque

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