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DBM 8.1.2 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:20 am

New Features:

Battle of Dazar'alor:
  • Added new smart taunt warnings for Grong that will auto handle all possible tank combos he can do in an intelligent manner that minimizes needless tank damage or boss movement, while avoiding taunts when not absolutely necessary.
    • Rule 1: if at any time, one tank gets 2 stacks of rend, the other tank will be told to taunt. This will only happen for rend rend smash or smash rend rend or rend rend rend. The reason being, we don't want any one tank to take 3 stacks of rend or to take 2 stacks of rend AND take the throw dot too. Rend smash rend, or rend smash smash or smash smash rend will trigger no swap warnings.
    • Rule 2: Any time Crush is applied to a tank as first or second cast in combo, it'll tell other tank to taunt. 3rd cast if it applies crushed will never have a warning. No reason to swap for crush/smash if all 3 casts of combo have completed.
    • Rule 3: There will ALWAYS be a taunt warning once DBM identifies who the throw victim is, so that the person not being thrown can always taunt the boss and keep grong still.

Crucible of Storms
  • Added mod for Restless Cabal based on heroic testing.

  • Added an audio countdown to Eye beam on Zek'voz
  • Added audio countdowns to Zul finally.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added a dispel warning to Alunza in Atal'Dazar if you have offensive magic dispel.


  • *The countdown timer text used by pull timers has had the following changes:
    • The numbers above 10 will no longer appear at all.
    • The numbers 6-10 will now display as small numbers, while 5-1 will be large ones
    • The hour glass that used to show at end is now gone.
    • There are no longer any swishing or cling audio played by the countdown timer text when game SFX are turned on

Battle of Dazar'alor:
  • Reduced spam on Champion of Light encounter do to changes in frequency some abilities are cast.

  • Cleaned up unused, non working, or commented out code across all mod (no change on user end, just my every post raid tier cleanup)
  • Changed phase change code for zek'voz to use much cleaner Encounter Event combat log spell, allowing me to remove both the energy tracker and the hacky backup phase detection when energy checker failed (ie when the boss phase changed when at 0 energy)
  • Since I was already in the vectis infoframe code fixing the bug below, I decided to add a green color to debuff counter for vector targets for more clarity
  • I also changed info frame to be full size in normal Vectis as well, but shrank it smaller LFR

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Moved positive brews to "cast success", kept the negative brew in "cast start" and change color from positive color to a bad color during captains encounter in freehold

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix regression on recent Vectis infoframe refactor that’d cause vector not to appear on info frame if user was on a different realm from player. This bug was missed do to way Full unit name from vector table was being matched to a truncated (realm stripped) name from lingering table and my internal testing did not have any different realm players in raid. I'm surprised it went this long unreported.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Fixed timer for Gilded Claws being started in wrong place (and thus causing timer to be incorrect most of time), on Alunza in Atal'Dazar.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cyclone strike warning and timer on aspix and Adderis to not show in Temple
  • Fixed rp timer for ring of booty on freehold, since blizzard fixed the typo in Gurgthock (again. First time they fixed typo they replaced it with another typo)

Developer Notes:
*The countdown text displayed during a pull has always been a very simple trick that simple told the default Uis built in TimerTracker to start a challenge mode timer countdown. However, a lot of the left overs from it were left unchanged, such as showing the challenge mode hourglass icon when it finished, and all of sound effects it plays.
Also, the challenge mode TimerTracker code was never designed for high numbers which is why it always showed large numbers instead of small ones at first that later transitioned to large.
Now, the PVP timer in TimerTracker on other hand, is designed for small numbers, but the symbol displayed when it finishes made even less sense for DBM (alliance/horde faction banner) which is why DBM was telling UI to use challenge mode timer that didn't support small numbers.
So why change it now? Well, after all this time, A user in discord brought up questions on why these things that didn't fit were there in first place. So I took a look at this code from years ago and I realized that tailoring it to be more suitable for DBM wouldn't be that complicated. I could switch it from a challenge mode timer to a PVP one to support small to large number countdown transition. I could simply modify the timer object after it's created and set the texture displayed at the end to nothing. I could eliminate the sounds by temporarily changing the SoundKit pointers. This leaves the TimerTracker object to feel more tailored to way DBM uses it, without the extras from the object that were never needed since DBM has it's own bar timer and it's own audio and it's own message when timer completes.

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