DBM 8.1.1 Released

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DBM 8.1.1 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:12 am

New Features:

  • Added user requested audio countdown for beams during intermission on Mythrax
  • Further improved Taunt warning on Ghuun to now also mute if you are > 30 yards from other tank, to further reduce warning spam when you're purposely not swapping (because you're running an add out or positioning for an orb)

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added user requested feature to auto mark skull on enemy that does NOT have lightning Shield during the Adderis and Aspix encounter in Temple of Sethraliss

BfA World Bosses:
  • Improved shockwave warning with target scanning on ivus, enabling me to add a new personal warning if shockwave is on you and a chat bubble.
  • Updated Ivus timers with live ones while at it.

Bug Fixes:

BfA World Bosses:
  • Fixed Ivus mod not loading/engaging properly

Previous Release:

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