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DBM 8.1.0 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:40 pm

New Features:

  • By user request, added an auto icon option for eye beam targets.
  • DBM will now better handle how Mythrax can sometimes completely skip a beam during intermission. If he does, DBM now detects this and starts a timer for next beam (if he skips a beam, it still goes on CD as if it was cast)

Bug Fixes:

  • Worked around a blizzard bug where ENCOUNTER_START becomes erratic if you skip/glitch mothers trash by pulling her through door with frozen orb or something. When you do this, ES starts to fire eroniously and can cause DBM to start having false boss engages. DBM will now ignore ENCOUNTER_START for mother to correct this and use alternate combat detection methods.
  • Added additional code to zekvoz to deal with a super rare condition where stage change detection doesn’t work if boss is at 0 energy when he phases. Now if the energy reset isn't detected, a redundant backup method will fire few seconds later to still change the stage and update timers.
  • Zekvoz will now play stage change voice pack alerts for voice pack users, something that was missing before.


  • Updated TOC to 80100 for patch 8.1

  • Total rewrite of vectis infoframe that should greatly improve presentation of information (if it works)
    • On mythic difficulty it’s now hard coded to just show ALL names, instead of truncating list to 8 entries
    • Unless the “show only party” option is enabled. lingering and vector lists are combined now. It’ll be a lingering list but if target also has vector it’ll show a special disease icon on them, what vector numbers they have, and how much time remains on their vector.
    • If "show only party" is enabled, infoframe will still show the vector targets in a separate target list, as it did before, followed by just the list of lingering stacks for their party.
    • Infoframe now uses a table cache for lingering infection instead of UnitDebuff checks to greatly reduce UnitDebuff usage.
    • To accommodate rewrite, default lingering sort order is back to highest first instead of lowest.
  • Taunt warning on Ghuun has had warning throttle changed from 3.5 second antispam to 5 second antispam so it feels a little less spammy if you can't actually swap the boss right away
  • Blood host near you warning on Ghuun has been changed to require 11 yards or less range to affected player, down from 22 yards, to reduce spam from warnings that are on players who aren't that close to you.
  • Changed ghuun big worm interrupt warning to be a count interrupt warning (per add)

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