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DBM 8.0.13 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:32 pm

New Features:

Zuldazar Raid
  • Frida/Kanae updated from heroic raid testing.
  • Grong updated from heroic raid testing

  • Added missing respawn times to Taloc, Ghuun and Zul
  • Updated InfoFrame on zul to include Corrupted Blood stacks on mythic difficulty.
  • Added an icon option override to Vectis for ADVANCED users to use if they are sure there are no conflicts with BW in the raid, to still allow DBM to set icons
  • Added short text to some mythrax timers that will be used if "use short text" option is enabled.
  • Added interrupt helper to Mythrax that counts casts per big add

BfA World Bosses:
  • Updated Tzane
  • Updated Yanajz finally with real timers (instead of AI. First time boss was up I accidentally deleted my logs :)
  • Added Ivus mod drycode for both faction versions of encounter

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a regression that caused the timer option "use short name when available" to not actually do anything, even when the timer object had a short name available. This should cause a lot of mods that had short names, to finally start using them again.

  • Fixed bug where counter on Matrix warning for Ghuun in ANNOUNCE (not info frame) would be one off
  • Fixed a regression that caused some chat yells to start appearing in non mythic again on fetid for debuffs that don't spread. This isn't a recent regression but only recently reported. Sorry I am slow catching things right now. Please continue to report bugs like this until I am back in full swing of things.
  • Improve ghuun mythic timer accuracy by fixing bugs and accounting for additional variables
  • Fixed a bug with timer update code for breath when fetid devourer eats an add.
  • Fixed a bug where tank shear defensive warning on Mythrax was firing on cast end instead of cast start

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed missing Tidal surge timer on Darkfathom in Siege of Boralus
  • Fixed Demolisher Terror timer on final boss of siege of boralus so it's more accurate.


  • Changed Void Echos special warning on Mythic Mythrax to be off by default to reduce overall feeling of announce spam. Added a Generic warning count warning to take it's place when special warning is off. If special warning gets enabled, generic warning will auto filter.
  • Changed voice pack warning for Imminent Ruin to generically say "run out" instead of "move to <iconname>" since not everyone uses icon assigned strat.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Last boss of Siege of Boralus will now throttle slam tank warnings if multiple tentacles up
  • Changed Power Shot warning on Sky Capn in Freehold to general announce instead of special warning to reduce overall feel of special warning spam on fight when abilities line up. This ability was chosen because 0.5 seconds really isn't a lot of time to do anything about it (or dodge it) anyways. It's a mechanic you mostly just spread for.

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