DBM 8.0.12 Released

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DBM 8.0.12 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:50 am

New Features:

Zuldazar Raid:
  • Added full mod drycoded warning/timer support for both versions of Grong encounter.
  • Added full mod drycoded warning/timer support for Frida/Kanye encounter.
    Added preliminary support for remaining encounters in zone. No warnings yet, just basic combat detection and stats. (Updated to build 27985)

Crucible of Storms:
  • Added preliminary support for zone and all bosses within. No warnings yet, just basic combat detection and stats.

BfA World Bosses:
  • Updated Hailstone Construct timers to use real timers instead of AI

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed regression in DBM-GUI from over 3 years ago that broke drop down menus in very niche DBM plugins like DBM-RaidLeadTools.

  • Fixed bug where updateAllTimers function on MOTHER was missing the 8.5 side (10.9 top down, 8.5 ALL on mythic) ICD beams cause. Now timers should feel better regardless of how you do your pushes and interactions you get based on when she changes rooms. this SHOULD cover all her ICDs now and be last remaining bug with DBMs dynamically updating timers for this fight.
  • Fixed Decaying Flesh and Thrumming Pulse not passing duration in namplate aura.

BfA World Bosses:
  • Fixed missing voice pack sounds for two warnings on Jiarak


  • Changed Gaze of G'huun warning to use airhorn by default. Users felt it sharing same sound as Malignant Growth didn't separate warnings enough. (Remember, you can always install a voice pack to get MUCH more separation and clarity in warnings)

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