DBM 8.0.11 Released

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DBM 8.0.11 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:36 am

New Features:

  • CN Local Update
  • Kr Local Update
  • German Local Update

  • Added new feature to Zek'voz that allows tank to tweak when taunt warning is shown. By default it is off, but if enabled, will show taunt warning immediately after Shatter instead of waiting for 2nd Void Lash.
  • Updated timers/warnings for Mythic G'huun
  • Added icon option for Bursting Boil to Mythic G'huun
  • Added general announce for when chutes open on Fetid, since some like to know when the adds start to spawn. Special warnings are still for when they are attackable.
  • Added Burrow timer to G'huun

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added announces and timers for brews cast by Rummy Mancomb during council of captains encounter in Freehold
  • Added Optional Interrupt (off by default) to trash warnings in MOTHERLOAD!! for Rock Lance

BfA World Bosses:
  • Updated warnings/timers for Jiarak

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed regression that'd cause the raid target index (icon) not to display next to player name on info frame in some cases

  • Fixed yell countdown on mythic mythrax, it's 12 seconds there too now, not 8 like beta.
  • Fixed initial timers for living weapon and ruin when leaving intermission on Mythic Mythrax
  • Fixed some intermission timers on Mythrax
  • Fixed Mythic Adds timers on Fetid, they were also 55 at one point, but they are 75 now :D
  • Fixed infoframe on fetid to actually show correct health percentage and cast time remaining on enticing instead of 0 for health and total cast time
  • Fixed Ranges being too big for fetid devourer. ranges aren't 20 and 8 anymore. they are 10 and 4. 12 and 6 used by DBM for 2 yard buffer

5 Man Dungions:
  • Fixed bug where timers didn't cancel when a captain died during Council of Captains encounter in Freehold
  • Fixed bug that'd cause Broadside warning text/sound not to show/play on lockwood in Siege of Boralus
  • Fixed a bug where Slam warning on last boss of Siege of Boralus was on for everyone by default instead of just tanks. Only tanks need to see this warning because they should be aiming slams away from group.


  • Changed Icon used for Blood Feast on Mythic Ghuun from 6 (square), to 7 (X). This was done so icons 1-6 could be reserved for Bursting Boil.
  • Changed Decaying warning on Mythic Zul to no longer announce when on Crawgs. It'll only announce when it's on priority targets to cut down on announce spam. Nameplate auras and auto icon will of course still show where debuff is even for crawgs per usual.
  • Changed option default for Crawg energy nameplate auras to off by default on zul. Feature isn't removed, just off by default since it clutters the icon space from seeing more important things like decaying flesh. This setting will now require users to opt into it instead of out of it.
  • Removed enticing Essence timer, info frame relays this info correctly now and timer less straight forward on mythic (since adds don't have same cast times)

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