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DBM Status Update (Updated Sept 12th, 19)

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:22 am
by MysticalOS
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Re: DBM Status Update

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:28 am
by MysticalOS
Don't worry, work still continues on finishing the mythic 8.0.9 update, and MANY future updates for Uldir, and whatever raid comes in 8.1. I don't need to be a mythic raider to solve the mysteries of how stuff works :D

Re: DBM Status Update

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:34 pm
by MysticalOS
I'm overwhelmed by the amount of support. I honestly didn't expect that post to explode. I figured I'd cut back raiding, use that free time to sort through some life stuff and maybe pick up some side work for a few extra bucks to work on health and computer issues.
You guys are fantastic and I thank you whole heartedly. I'm literally calling the dentist first thing monday to setup surgery (my beard though, qq, but it'll grow back

Posting these for reference ... ds_by_its/ ... e_a_today/ ... ached_his/

Re: DBM Status Update

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:53 pm
by Kylista
You have always been, and always will be one of the unsung heroes of World of Warcraft. The overwhelming positive effect you have had on millions of players, from the most casual and family oriented players, to the most hardcore world first contenders. Still to this day, you are one of the most receptive, reachable mod creators out there, able to turn around and code out requests with an insanely fast turnaround. Mod or Addon I feel is not a strong enough word to convey how integral your creation has become over the years.

On behalf of the entire worldwide WoW community, I wish you the best of luck. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us all.

Re: DBM Status Update

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:39 am
by MysticalOS
I just want to add, anyone that thinks my post is a fake plea to just sit on a pile of money.

1. I wasn't even expecting this post to explode. I actually tried to keep it low key cause I was worried I'd LOSE subs for it and "sky is falling, drop support" posts instead. But apparently I COMPLETELY misjudged community.
2. Everything I said was 100% true, and am more than happy to post proof/papers of any work I do thanks to all of you to improve my health, or my computer.
3. Anything extra that's left over, isn't going to be used to stuff my mattress with money so I can sleep on piles of money. I legit have plans to bring on additional help and do bigger things with DBM. It was ALWAYS my hope that if dbm got more support that I'd bring on more dev support. If there is STILL money left over, I'm constantly looking for ways to give back and will play it forward in supporting others or doing give aways or something.

Re: DBM Status Update

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:41 am
by MysticalOS
PS, a reminder, don't post this in game. I don't want myself or any of you getting in trouble with blizzard. No soliciting or advertising in game. Fansites, social media, etc is fine, but keep in game channels clear of requests for support. This can be seen as violation of blizzard solicitation policy. Same for official blizzard forums.

Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Nov 6, 18)

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:44 am
by MysticalOS
I've been posting regular updates in discord, but since not everyone reads that and I've had a few PMs lately asking how I'm doing, health wise, financial wise, stress wise, I owed an update here as well.

I did have dental surgery Oct 5th. I ended up needing a lot more teeth pulled than initially planned, but jaw was fine, luckily. Do to amount of teeth that needed pulling though, do to lots of infection, I need follow up work to get replacement teeth once I'm healed enough.

Next appointment to discuss my options for that is actually November 6th where I'll go over latest CT results of jaw and discuss options such as implants to help retain jaw mass and better quality of life with the replacement teeth that I will need.
Had that appointment, had 5 bone spurs that needed some gum lancing and drilling down. Boy is that painful, worse than the original extractions since I don't have strong numbing agent this time that lasts 3 days. That has to heal and I go back again in 3 weeks. I also don't have as much bone for the implants that the dentist would like. The First surgeon removed a bit too much bone (even though he knew I needed implants) and then didn't properly fill the sockets like he should have, according to the implant doctor. Because of this it's going to take additional visits and work and likely bone grafting before I can proceed to implants. However, I'm still in need of more healing before any additional procedures can take place.
I will update again on next appointment.

Financially, all dental needs so far have been covered thanks to all the paypal donations and new pledges I received. Still can't thank you all enough for that.

In addition, the continued patreon support from a lot of new people helped in replacing lawnmower that broke beyond repair (wasn't made for cutting 2+ foot grass I guess!), an expensive vet bill, and some hurricane roof damage that came up that would have otherwise buried me before. In addition, should help cover the taxes that will follow for all the donations received that I put to use on dental care. All of this thanks to all of you who gave support (and many who continue to give support on patreon). I've never been in a better place than I am right now.
Now, i've run the math on the numbers and based on the rate patreon support is declining (no support lasts forever) patreon will probably be back to where it was, in about 6 months, but that's ok!. I'm a very good financial planner and being very smart with support I have now while I have it. Soon I'll be back in a healthy place with teeth and finally caught up on taxes, and that is a very good feeling. That's more than I could have expected and definitely more than I could ever ask for. Whether larger support continues for 6 years, 6 months, or 6 days, I am thankful for all of it and will put it to best use possible to ensure better care for myself, my mother, and DBM. :)

As for DBM. I'm still not mythic raiding, because it's still too much for me right now, but I have been working hard on PTR to ensure everything is great for raid testing and upcoming content. I'm also still working on live mods with all suggestions and bug reports and even hanging out in random wow twitch streams to catch bugs or gather feedback (even if it's just lurking, unspoken feedback) from people when I see how people use my mods.
I've also been slowly working on resurrecting pvp mods and even some classic WoW mods planning. DBM is stronger than ever, thanks to all of you. With announcements from blizzcon, I certainly have my work cut out for me in coming months and will continue delivering best mods I can in most productive use of my time (I feel I've finally struck that perfect balance of time management that doesn't exhaust/burn me out like I was before when trying to do too much with too little).

I'll post more updates when I have more info from follow up dental appointments and implant surgeries.

Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Dec 2, 18)

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:40 pm
by MysticalOS
Had an appointment Nov 28th for sizing of temp dentures and filing of 4 more bone spurs. Next appointment is Dec 11th for more sizing and filing of bone spurs. My healing has been pretty bumpy (literally, bone keeps helping bumpy and with spurs and needing constant fixing).

Still on wait and see on final healing for proceeding to possible implant options, but Surgeon is thinking sometime in January or February will be a clearer picture of next steps. The meantime is just trying to manage the healing of extractions still and trying to get temp dentures sized up in a mouth full of awkward healing.

DBM update is that things are still going smoothly for next raid content. Still actively engaging all PTR testing and making quality mods not only after testing but BEFORE testing so people doing the testing itself can see what DBM can really do even when it doesn't have fight data yet.

Financially, still looking good. The declines in support around holidays, reduced interest in wow, and fact most of you only intended to support short term were all planned for. Today, DBM finally dropped below the stretch goal I created that was above my needs, and I'm grateful it stayed above that goal for as long as it did. Now, I'll begin to see a clearer picture of where I'll be months from now when support going forward hopefully starts leveling off and seeing where I land in the long term.

I'll continue posting these updates as I update DBM, or update status on my health.

Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Dec 20, 18)

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:21 pm
by MysticalOS
Just A Small update. I did have an Appointment on Dec 12th and then even had to go back on 14th for follow up. These appointments were pretty uninteresting though and mostly just "yep, you're still healing up, but here is some stuff to try and progress it faster".

I'm basically rinsing my mouth with a concoction of hydrogen peroxide, water, and some medicine all mixed together to try and toughen gums up a bit and heal some sores where I've had to have bone spurs drilled down multiple times.

At this point I don't know when next appointment is until after holidays. then they will be calling me to set something up (or I'll call them if they forget). In meanwhile, I'm rinsing with stuff that makes me want to gag and leaves a horrible after taste in mouth. :)

As far as DBM, I did do a small update post 8.1 to fix up the world boss mod for darkshore and add some user feature requests. This is sort of the calm before storm since blizzard is also on PTR/dev holiday until January. Then it's busy busy time again because not only will the 8.1 raid come out, but the 8.1.5 ptr will likely go into testing, including the Stormsong raid which hasn't had PTR testing yet, will no doubt follow in 8.1.5 PTR testing. I will try to get some of the stormsong raid modules ready before the new year though so that it's less to do at once later. Then probably continue work on adding support for more classic dungeons. For those that didn't notice, 3 new dungeons got mods in the BC/Vanilla mod update last week. With the increase in number of alts being leveled (do to allied races and prestige) as well as dungeons that stay relevant longer, it's been in my agenda to put more time into revitalizing mods for old content. In coming weeks/months, when time allows, I'll continue to do these updates to older dungeons.

Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Jan 20, 19)

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:54 pm
by MysticalOS
Still eating soft foods. It's because it's been a roller coaster just getting the temp dentures and a rough healing with tons of follow up visits to file down bone spurs.

Finally got dentures last week, but they have major problems. overbite, wrong fit, require way too much glue to hold in. basically an unusable fit.

It'll sort itself out though. It's just a much worse process than I anticipated. Much of it stemming from rushing and seeing wrong doctor first and now having to a lot of extra steps because the prosthetic doctor wasn't able to model anything off my real teeth and has had to build them from scratch in a mouth that's a mess and still healing.

I need a follow up appointment to give denture feedback, but the only opening they had this coming week was Tuesday morning. I can't do that since it's day new raid opens and I need to be on top of it all day as soon as realms come up, so the next follow up will probably be week after next. When i finally get back in there, I get to complain about dentures and go from there.

It's all still very wait and see, while me and doc try to get the dentures fixed up first and what new CT scans show for my healing update. I may end up needing bone grafting too, to repair bone from extractions (also something that is extra and could have been avoided if I had just seen specialist first, he would have taken more care in bone preservation in extractions as well as done minor grafting while he was in there. so again, most of this is just my fault being impulsive and scheduling removals from first available surgeon back in October).

Biggest take away so far, if you ever need a LOT of teeth extracted and will need some kind of false teeth afterwards, go straight to the doctor that will be doing the false teeth first so that he can get accurate measurements of your bite, your midline, etc. if you don't and get extractions first, it REALLY bites you in the ass.

As for implants and something better than these dentures long term, that all depends on how things go in coming weeks and months. With taxes, with patreon, with my CT scans, etc.