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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Oct 4th, 19)

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:31 pm
by MysticalOS
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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Oct 21st, 19)

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:40 am
by MysticalOS
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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Dec 13th, 19)

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 12:41 am
by MysticalOS
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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Oct 2nd, 20)

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 3:30 pm
by MysticalOS
I've been holding off on making this post for months now, however I really need to rebuild support. It’s declined so much this year. From Covid, from people leaving wow, plus in general me HATING talking about/asking for DBM support because I always feel guilty for it even though It’s sorely needed.

I'm not the type of person that asks for development support every month to refill people who have left when in reality I should be if I ever want to maintain a flat line. That's just not me. I try to just make great mods and let word of mouth and great work be enough. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be working, likely mainly do to fact that even now and even after surge from 2 years ago, most just remain completely unaware 1 person works on DBM full time and relies on that crowdfunding support to create all these mods. Addon authors are in a tough spot because unlike other forms of content creation (such as youtubers, streamers, etc), we're not constantly in your face, and there are no sub reminders or sub goals to look at all the time. We're very much out of sight out of mind in that regard.

While 2 years ago you all helped me massively recover from an unhealthy situation, many did not stick around after that to continue supporting the full time work that goes into DBM. A lot of that support was short term given by people rallying to help me personally (for which I'll be forever grateful for) but not nearly as many people actually supporting the work itself, DBM. Basically, support for DBM has been in free fall since that surge and obviously the state of world and WoW during BfA certainly didn't help any either.

Now, I'm not asking for people go crazy again like last time, as I didn't even ask for that last time (but again, thank you for that). However, DBM's
development requires enough support to at least be able to make a living doing it without stressing over it. I have been stressing about where the graphs are trending and although I'm getting by right now, that becomes more cloudy months from now. People continue to drop support with not much new support coming in.

What I want is people who use and believe in the work to commit to longer term support (even just 1 dollar a month helps or you can even do once per year now of just 10 dollars if you wanted). While I appreciate those that do give larger short term support, it brings volatility to long term support. DBM as a project needs long term supporters supporting the work, not just me or my immediate needs. People sticking around with DBM for years to come so I can make great mods and hopefully one day truly can expand the team beyond myself and occasional unpaid volunteer help that I constantly feel guilty about not being able to pay.

As such, I’m announcing two Patreon goals and potential give aways to motivate sharing of these goals.
  • If Patreon can get back up to 1500 supporters, I will immediately initiate PS5 giveaway through Gleam (open to all, no sub or purchase necessary to enter)
  • If patreon can get back up to 2000 supporters, I will immediately initiate an Xbox Series X giveaway through Gleam (again, open to all with no sub or purchase necessary)

11-11-20 EDIT: Consoles will now be going on ebay within coming days. Can't afford to give them away with current outlook so need to recoup. Wish things could have gone differently but the idea was to encourage growth, I can't afford to just givev away two 540 dollar consoles if support is still on decline with no sign of bouncing back.

Currently patreon sits at around 1300, with about 800 of them being 1 dollar pledges (and believe me those are most reliable ones, those are the ones that tend not to cancel after 1 2 or 3 months). DBM receives hundreds of thousands of downloads, monthly, so there are still MANY users out there, likely uninformed that they can help with so little effort. Again, I don't want to rely on a handful of bigger supporters picking up the slack in short term that eventually fall off later, when there is potential to have MANY more smaller supporters make a difference without ever feeling like they are missing what they are giving.

Ways you can support and more info can be found here: ... efits-Info

Also, seeing last post from this thread is pretty old. I'll at least state what's going on with DBM so far.
  • PVP mods were pretty much fully restored to former glory and even improved upon. They are a big success in retail and classic wow.
  • Shadowlands content mods are going very well, both in thanks to many many MANY hours I put in but also from a still ongoing partnership with Limit to provide raid testing data that only further bolsters DBM up. DBM is going to go into shadowlands very strong.
  • Classic mods are also going very well. There is hardly a classic stream i don't open up that isn't not only using DBM, but appreciating just how much DBM stepped up to support classic community.
  • There has even been some prep for TBC. Any free time away from shadowlands, retail, and classic, I've thrown into reviewing and improving TBC mods, which will eventually be reverse ported to TBC Classic if and when that happens. I will not simply dump mods written over a decade ago into TBC classic without modernizing them with 2020 level of quality and features modern DBM users expect.
  • A ton of improvements to core and gui have even been made thanks to some paid help I was able too commission for a lot of that work and they've even thrown in a lot of volunteer help when I was no longer able to pay them. I'd love to commission even more work, many more hours of help to continue that work too which is one of reasons I'm made this post. I can always use more help and being able to afford it is a huge relief of burden of my shoulders. Peoples time is valuable and being able to compensate it is very good feeling.

"But wait whatever did happen with health, I don't want to read through 3 pages of updates".

After going to wrong specialist first, poorly done extractions, going to right guy after but so many things to fix and tons of months (years now?) of visits and 62k+ later, Gums are healthy, implants are in, but actually still no teeth yet. Covid shutdown combined with fact of massive overbookings do to shortages of good doctors has lead to massive delays. I should finally have teeth, for first time in over 2 years, in coming months but it's still in progress. Everything is paid for and now it's just process of continued impressions and fittings and try ins before finalized hybrid denture/teeth are put on the implants.