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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated Feb 15, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:13 am

I guess it's been a while. Just not much to update. right now sort of playing schedule tag between myself, implant specialist, and lab tech that actually has to rebuild the bite. Being as rural as I am also hurts this, so I'm actually just kinda waiting to even get a new appointment to do some more fit ins and measurements of false teeth.

Things going well with DBM, recent updates have been awesome, definitely check those out! :)

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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated March 27, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:01 pm

Sorry I have not posted in while. Truth of matter is, there has been nothing new to post since I've literally spent 2 months just waiting to get a new appointment.

I now have a new appointment finally for April 1st where I will finally get to spend an hour with both the dentist specialist and the prosthetic specialist to continue work on rebuilding bite and getting it right. It's been a long wait trying to get these two available at same time and there are a lack of other specialists in area being as rural as I am. Hopefully now, we can finally iron out the last details of remapping my mouth and getting everything just right so we can proceed to perm solutions down the line. I suspect it'll be something like this

1st: Spend an hour remapping and test fittings and such on April 1st
2nd: Some later appointment to go in to pickup a remade temp denture/plate to test these adjustments.
3rd: another appointment some 1-2 weeks after previous to give feedback on if there are still issues (overbite, underbite, bad midline, etc).

If everything is good at that point, would probably proceed to implants once an accurate bite is established. If all is not good, probably repeat above process for a 3rd time (cause this is 2nd time already, first time the temp plate had an overbite and major fit issues)

As I said previously, a LOT of this is do to not seeing specialist first, and getting a lot of teeth pulled BEFORE establishing an accurate imaging of my bite with natural teeth. if you ever need to get teeth pulled and plan to have implants or even just dentures, learn from my mistakes and SEE the specialist making them first, because you can save a LOT of time and heartache and money by having real teeth for them to model everything off of. They can replicate that easily. They can't replicate your bite if you show up with no teeth without tons of guessing and repeated trial and error.

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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated April 2st, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:06 am

So, that april 1st appointment didn't happened. The assistant that was setting it all up was out today and when I called ahead of time to confirm, the ones there knew nothing about me. They then told me they'd call me back when they knew more and when the Lab tech I needed to see comes in. They did call back at some point to tell me tech is coming in later than they thought and still don't have an appointment for me and would call back again if they can get me in. They never did.

This is a tech that I literally spent last 2 and a half months waiting to see to help rework dentures in person to try and rebuild them to actually fit and bite correctly, and it didn't even happen. what I've learned is this one tech bounces between atlanta and savannah georgia and everywhere in between. Getting time with him is quite difficult.

I'm effectively back on a wait list for who knows how long til he's out again. EDIT: they got me a new opening with him Tuesday, April 9th. We'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, my 6 month anniversary of having no teeth is on the April 5th and I'm beginning to stress about pushing deadlines for getting implants with healthy bone before I start to need additional medical procedures like a sinus lift and additional grafting to replace shapeshifting/bone loss. You see, when you don't have upper teeth below your sinus cavity, over a period of time the sinus cavity begins to drop. if this drop has happened they actually need to perform a sinus lift to move it back up, if you get implants. You also lose bone every month in your jaw that you do not massage this bone with teeth (or implant) through bone stimulation (chewing). A lot of this reabsorption occurs within first year. Every month could count (everyone is different, but a consensus of all implant specialists is the earlier you get implants done, the better).

So why can't we just do the implants now? Since we're rebuilding my teeth from scratch, no model what so ever, we need to finish rebuilding it and getting it correct before we start drilling and putting screws in.

So here I am, having made no progress 2 and a half months, and I'm feeling very discouraged and dismayed by whole thing. I realize a lot of this mess is from seeing an inexperienced dentist first and not a specialist who could have prevented much of this hardship, combined with being too rural and having too few specialists to work with that are so overbooked and hard to see. I do place most of blame on self for not doing enough initial research and not knowing better. It's been one of my hardest life lessons to date.

----------------------Skip catchup if you've followed along until now----------------------
I figure now is a good of time as any to post a full catchup so below I summarize last few months for those reading for first time.

For a good while, I was working on DBM for very little. Too little to afford proper health care or dental care. I knew I had untreated infections but there wasn't much I could do about them. As is, I was already borrowing money from one card to pay another type deal, amassing debt just trying to keep a roof and food for myself and mother.

I hit a breaking point about 6 and a half months ago and original status update/rant post went up. That post was never about trying to get money but to simply explain my situation and that there may be some changes to DBM. However, the community, in a very surprising manor, rallied up to get me support I needed to not only stress less about work on DBM but to even finally take care of my ignored health/dental issues.

I was so excited to finally take care of health that I literally just went to first oral surgeon qualified to extract infected teeth. About 2 weeks later, I was in there for extractions. What I found out at time though was it was more than just 3 I knew about that needed to come out. that he actually saw infection in about 12 of them, but recommended I pull at least 14 because the 2 next to infection had some damage as well. Then he got to talking about condition of other teeth and talked about how we could do a lot of expensive work to preserve them, but at end of day it was probably better and cheaper long term to just remove all of them (yes all 32) and getting a full implant/reconstruction option. The other teeth in mouth were infection free but not in great shape either do to my depression and sort of giving up on oral care when first issues came up few years ago. I was all about hearing options to save money so I was like "sure, remove everything, I have money now and won't later so if I can get stuff done now and save money, best option!" So on that day, all 32 teeth were pulled, for the low low price of $10,000 (On plus, the dental insurance I had literally picked up before going, while they didn't really pay much, they apparently negotiated that he was way out of fucking line and owed me a check for 4,500. So after some reimbursement, I was only out 5,500).

Needless to say, that wasn't a pleasant experience. After about 2 weeks of healing I go back and am like "ok what's next? when do we do implants" and he's like "oh I don't do that, you need to find someone else who specializes in that". Shocked about this, I actually go home and hit up internet. I actually look pretty hard to find that almost NO ONE had qualifications I needed except for literally one person within 2 hour search radius. I setup that appointment to see him and went from there.

What I learned when I saw specalist was utterly horrifying. First thing I'm told, I never should have had any teeth pulled until I had seen him (or another implant specialist) first because they needed my actual teeth to model my prosthetics off of, so they could get accurate information to replicate a bite that actually works well. not too big or small, comes together just right, etc. The second major screwup was that after all the extractions first dentist just sowed me up without doing any grafting. Some of extractions removing a LOT of bone and leaving little to work with for actual implant placement. the proper procedure would have been to graft the sockets at same time as extraction to promote far more rapid and full healing of bone to support implants. Without grafting, it's not a sure thing the sockets will fill fully with good bone either. I was actually told there was a chance even after waiting a few months I'd still not have enough recovered bone and would still need an ADDITIONAL surgery to add grafting. We'd simply have to wait and see.

Not much could be done to fix those screwups at this point. This specialist said he was still happy to work with me but that it'd be a much more painful process of trial and error because before we can do anything we need to recreate my bite from nothing. This meant creating a temp set of dentures that are more or less guesswork to try. However, we couldn't even do that until I had a few more weeks of healing from the extractions. I needed gums strong enough to support denture trial and error and mine were a real mess with a much longer healing time.

He saw me several times during my healing and we had to file down bone spurs MANY times during this time and of course took imprints off gums for the dentures that were sent to lab. It took like 2 months to get anything back from lab too. Lets talk about that a bit too. I'm very rural, there is really a lack of a lot of doctor or dentist specialist options, and only so many labs and techs. Appointments here always take forever to get and lab turn around time is even longer. There are too many patients and not enough doctors and techs basically. If I could win lottery, I'd move myself and mother the hell out of here. Sadly, we are stuck here.

So anyways, I finally go in excited to finally pick up these temp dentures at about 3 and a half months post extraction at this point. Put them in and immediately notice that they have a pretty substantial overbite. Furthermore, they are REALLY lose and took a metric fuckton of glue to get to hold. The second issue likely being that the gum casts were taken multiple weeks prior while I was still healing in addition to also having several bone spurs grow and get filed down in that period too. basically bone/gums in my mouth were constantly changing so the first cast we did was too inaccurate by time dentures came in.

Needless to say, he said take them home and still give them a try in for 2 weeks. I did try them, for about 3 days. They'd only stay in about 30 to 45 minute before the glue would start to fail do to poor fit. and I'm still talking a metric fuckton of glue too. I used half of a tube at one point and still couldn't get them to stay in for even an hour. On top of that. do to overbite and even height feeling too great, I couldn't keep my mouth closed, couldn't actually heat or drink or even talk with them in. So by day 3 I cleaned them real good and put them in a bag. I wasn't going to poison myself with zinc when you're not supposed to need/use that much glue for dentures that were clearly not fitting/working for me.

When I went back after 2 weeks, I explained all this and he agreed with me. They clearly didn't fit and needed to be remade. That's when he told me that he wanted a sit in appointment with lab tech and himself for a good hour to do as much adjusting and fine tuning as possible. This was 4 month mark at this point since extractions. It literally took 2 months to finally get that appointment, for April 1st.
----------------------End Backstory, all caught up to first segment----------------------

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Re: DBM Status Update (Updated April 11th, 19)

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Apr 12, 2019 2:41 am

Saw the lab tech and dental specialist April 9th and we went over all the issues with temp dentures and took fresh imprints as well as tons of imaging with current misfitting plates for tech to take back and do adjustments off of. The next appointment for tryin number 3 is May 2nd.

As for DBM update. Some classic prep continues as well as prep for the Crucible opening soon. expecting next week to be a very busy week, with focus on crucible coming first and when that's in a good place proceeding immediately to 8.2 ptr work.

I intend to stream more mod work soon as I want to try and up my engagement with community as well as hit that twitch grind to get more emote slots available for the DBM subs that sub through twitch, since they get less discord perks do to poorer integration.

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