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DBM 8.0.8 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:27 am

New Features:

  • Added an auto range 5 to Mythrax that opens on engage
  • Added an optional (off by default) taunt warning for Dark Bargain on Ghuun. Reason it's off by default, you can just dodge 2nd cast without a taunt swap, but none the less some might want OPTION to have a taunt swap warning instead.
  • Added option to auto mark oozes on MOTHER encounter
  • Added new general announce with count for when Dark Revelations is cast on zul to assist with throughput raid CDs.
  • Added new dropdown to zul that lets tanks control tank swap behavior. Options are: 2 stacks heroic/Mythic 3 stacks normal/lfr (default), always 2 stacks, always 3 stacks
  • Added a DBM announced (with count) for matrix core spawning on Ghuun.
  • Added a DBM announce with matrix core is DROPPED on Ghuun (no it doesn't call anyone out, since DBM doesn't know if it's throwers or catchers fault)
  • Made explosive corruption personal warning faster for tanks on ghuun (sadly, trick won't work for non tanks, sorry)
  • Updated all timers on mother to account for ICD that flames, winds (6), and strike (5) trigger. Updated laser timers to reflect their TRUE timers (when not delayed by ICD of other 3 abilities)
  • Added trash warning for Dead Tank, err, Crushing Darkness ;)
  • Added a "Current/Next Matrix: Count" to ghuun overview info frame
  • Added Immunosuppression announce and timer with counter to Vectis. In addition, supports multiple adds at once in case group is doing really bad.
  • Some additional work on mythic was added to Mother, Vectis, and Zek
  • Added warning to G'huun for Virulent Corruption (orbs spawning from Explosive Corruption) to make it more clear to watch for something to dodge (antispam throttle set to 7.5 seconds to reduce spam from spread disasters)
  • Added audio countdowns to G'huun for Explosive Corruption (cast), Blood feast, Malignant Growth, and gaze of ghuun
  • Added timer for Mind Numbing Chatter to Ghuun

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added Summon Spirit Drain Totem warning to Underrot trash mod
  • Added Poison Barrage warning/yells to Kings Rest trash mod

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Uldir Defense Beam timers on Mother for normal, which doesn't have top down beams and instead has side beams that are cast more often.
  • Fixed a bug on Zul where the tanks did not do countdown yells or get a "run to edge" warning with 5 seconds left on debuff, if they took less than 3 stacks.
  • Fixed bug where the Pool of Darkness timer was too slow in Stage 2 zul, it's cast twice as often in Stage 2
  • Fixed Explosive Corruption timer on Ghuun not showing
  • Fixed Wave of corruption timer being too fast in Stage 3 Ghuun
  • Fixed some laser timers on mother, in addition to the above mentioned update to account for abilities that may delay them
  • Fixed eye beam timer not showing for any but first eye beam on Zek'voz
  • Fixed phase change timers on Zek'voz which stopped working when blizzard removed the disc yells.
  • Fixed some P3 ghuun timers that were updated.

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed a bug where interrupt warning on council in shrine of storm was on for everyone by default instead of just people that actually have interrupts
  • Fixed spellname for Skycap'n Kragg's heal in Freehold


  • All GTFO warnings in DBM will now be filtered by core if player is in Spirit of Redemption form

  • Dark Revelations on Zul will now auto assign icons, do icon based yells, and icon based warnings to assist in getting two players to two different locations more efficiently (Star and circle).
  • Imminent Ruin on Mythrax will now auto assign icons, do icon based yells, and icon based warnings to assist in getting two players to two different locations more efficiently (Star and circle).
  • Zul add warnings/timers have been reworked for clarity/intent. Timers for spawns now clarify timer is for POOL spawns. Warnings for pool timers have been changed from "Switch" special warnings to "soon" general warnings. Additional special warnings to actually switch to them have been added for when the adds become ACTIVE.
  • Dark Revelations Cooldown timer on zul will now include count in it.
  • The chat bubble text for Feast of Blood on Ghuun has had text changed to yell/red to make it more easy to distinguish feast related chat bubbles from Explosive Corruption ones
  • Attempted to make eye beam and roiling Deceit announces faster on Zek'voz. Please report any issues with new method
  • Changed Reorigination drive on Ghuun to show "x/3" instead of 35, 70, 100 (energy) like it was before.
  • Changed stomp timer to count timer on Fetid Devourer
  • Changed Plasma Discarge, Cudgel and Clogged Arteries to count timers on Taloc
  • Updated Vectis to use UnitDebuff to check duration of Omega Vector per hotfix that makes it a variable number
    [*]Changed Icon setting on Vectis to be compatible with BW icon setting, in event both mods have promoted members in the raid.EDIT: No longer compatible.

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