DBM 8.0.3/8.0.2 Released

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DBM 8.0.3/8.0.2 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:49 am

New Features:

  • The DBM outdoor waypoint arrow has been updated to work with local maps in 8.x. Once again useable with /dway x, y
  • Added three new media files to DBM-Core. "Jaina: Beware", "Jaina: Beware (reverb)", and "Saurfang: Don't Die"

  • Added yell to Sanguine Static on taloc.

BfA World Bosses
  • Added all remaining preliminary world boss mods

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added preliminary mods for last two bosses of Temple of Sethraliss


  • Changed timers on zul so adds timers are manually localized by hand instead of auto localized from journal. This was done to shorten timer text and make the add type/name more visible (with a sacrifice that it'll be english for clients DBM isn't localized for)
  • Changed liquify warning on Vectis to be a generic phase change warning instead of a "run away" warning
  • Changed timer for Shear during Mythrax add phase to show single timer for both adds, instead of double timers. Based on latest logs, the two big adds seem to sync their casts, so only one timer is needed.
  • Changed ghuun info frame to only show power of first two bosses in index, which should be Ghuun and drive.
  • Changed DBMs minimap icon to a LibDBIcon/LDB icon. This improves compatibility with 3rd party mods like SexyMap. While at it, all the features of DBM-LDB were merged into DBM-Core, so if you have DBM-LDB installed, go ahead and remove it. Important, these changes update embeds and TOC files, so if updating DBM while game is open, it won't work until game is restarted.

Bug Fixes:

  • DBM-Core will detect Scenario victories better for old Mist of Pandaria scenarios
  • Fixed a bug where DBM was no longer receiving custom broadcasted timers from other users. This was caused by a migration to CHAT_MSG_ADDON_LOGGED for user timers, and me forgetting to uncomment some of the code when 8.0 shipped
  • Fixed a bug where the DBM-LDB warning was hard stopping DBM from finishing to load other things. It's supposed to warn only that DBM-LDB should be uninstalled, not halt loading. 8.0.3

  • Fixed a bug where the taunt warning for Zek would fire when you're the one tanking
  • Fixed some timers on zek. Some nerfed, some buffed. Fight was clearly retuned.
  • Fixed bug where countdown for cleansing flame would be too long on MOTHER
  • Fixed bug where warning for Cleansing flame said wrong spell name on MOTHER
  • Fixed a bug where the top down timer/warning for lasers didn't fire on heroic difficulty on MOTHER
  • Fixed Adds timer on fetid Devourer heroic
  • Fixed bug where incoming adds timer didn't show on zul (different from Cd bars which did. All adds should have a 12 second spawn timer before attackable, after boss summons.
  • Fixed double gestate warning on Vectis
  • Fixed say messages for Ruin On Mythrax. Debuff was changed from 8 seconds to 12.
  • Fixed gestate timer/countdown from never starting because wrong event was used and one spell ID was missing on vectis
  • Fixed some timers on vectis that changed since last testing.
  • Fixed visions of madness warning/timer, which stopped working do to blizzard changing spell from channeled to instant cast (START vs SUCCESS) on Mythrax
  • Fixed timer for first shear of big adds during intermission phase not having a timer on Mythrax
  • Fixed some timers on Zul that changed since last testing.
  • Fixed warnings/yells/timers for Plasma Discharge in Stage 2 Taloc (diff spellID than Stage 1)
  • Fixed some timers that have changed since last taloc testing
  • Fixed bug on Ghuun where matrix target could show multiple times on infoframe
  • Fixed bug on ghuun where matrix debuff for player was shown on info frame, when it was meant to be checking putrid blood

  • Fixed voice for shadow and fire debuffs on hounds so they correctly play again.
  • Fixed bugs where interrupt order count would be wrong on coven

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed bug on Goroth where taunt warning would show two warnings instead of one warning and one voice alert

  • Fixed bug where rings or orb timer/countdown would start for first one of stage even if you pushed boss before she ever used ability on elisande encounter
  • Fixed a another UnitDebuff bug on Chronomatic Anomaly

5 Man Dungeon
  • Fixed errors on Rezen
  • Fixed bad stage warning on Volkaal

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