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DBM 7.3.31 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon May 14, 2018 7:01 am

New Features:

  • **Added a new and improved "CheckInterruptFilter" function. In addition to what it already did (only warned to interrupt if caster is your current target or focus) to now also check if your interrupt spell is actually available and not on cooldown. ALL mods for legion and BfA have been updated to use improved Interrupt filter so that DBM can still effectively warn you to interrupt if you can, but further suppress spam if you cannot. The behavior of this filter can be controlled by a new dropdown in Global filters & Disable Options.

  • Updated first 5 bosses of Uldir with normal mode data and fixes.
  • Updated many of the bosses from Mythic raid testing.
  • Updated Mythrax from heroic retesting
  • Updated Ghuun from heroic retesting

  • Based on user feedback, DBM will now show which cannon is specifically next after an intermission on garathi worldbreaker instead of generic "special" timer on mythic difficulty

BfA Dungeons:
  • Added some new trash warnings to Shrine of the Storm
  • Added RP timer to last boss of shrine of the storm
  • Added RP timers to Ring event in Freehold
  • Added a new GTFO to freehold trash
  • Added full drycodes for all bosses in King's Rest. These are preliminary and not complete.
  • Added full drycodes for all bosses in Siege of Boralas. These are preliminary and not complete.
  • Added full drycodes for all bosses in Underrot. These are preliminary and not complete.

  • Updated more timers to use newer color bar by type and inline icon features.
  • Added full voice pack support to all special warnings

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix varimathras taunt warning so it doesn't apply range filter if only using 2 tanks. That filter was only meant for 3 tank strat. Now, when only using 2 tanks it'll always warn you to taunt when other tank gets misery, even if that tank is not standing within 8 yards.
  • Fixed range frame for sargeras Rage on Argus to be 5 yards instead of 8 based on user feedback/testing.

BfA Dungeons:
  • Fixed some warning/timer bugs in Freehold
  • Fixed some timers in waycrest Manor
  • Fixed some timers in shrine of the storm.

Legion Dungeons:
  • Shortened overcharge timer in arcway based on user report.

Brawlers Guild
  • Fixed a bug where Match End would fire before it actually ended do to a new yell blizzard added to Bizmo. This bug caused berserk timer to cancel before match end and also some timers to continue after the real match end. Unfortunately bugfix required more localizing so the fix only works in localized clients (currently only english alliance).
  • Fixed some timers that were too long for some matches that appear to have been shortened in season 3.


  • Code cleanup and improvement in infoframe across the board.

  • Updated Ghuun infoframe so it floors debuff timers instead of showing really long decimal points

  • Fine tune nameplate numbers for aggramar so adds don't go red so early. New values. Green until 35 energy then yellow until 70 energy. red until 90 energy and skull until 100.

Dev Note:
**There are some exceptions to spell cooldown check.
    1. Any interrupt rotation order, such as Coven, will NEVER filter interrupt warning even if your interrupt is on cooldown, because you still need to know what count it is in interrupt rotation and if it’s your turn. You need to still be able to vocalize to your raid “it’s mine, but someone else hit it”.
    2. It only checks cooldowns of actual interrupt spells, not stuns or other forms of CC. As such, if cooldown based filter option is used on CCable mobs, it might end up suppressing an interrupt warning for a spell you could still prevent with shockwave or some other mechanic. As such, the cooldown based filter is NOT enabled for trash by default. The default option is to use focus/target filter always and spell cooldown on your interrupt spells only during BOSS fights. You can change drop down in options to INCLUDE trash if you wish, but be aware that in doing so, if your interrupt is on cooldown you will not see an interrupt warning even if you have a stun or other non interrupt cc available.
    3. Any mod that does not use new cooldown based filter, will still use target/focus filter (unless the ENTIRE filter is explicitly disabled by a mod exception, or by the user in DBM options). All Legion and BfA mods should use new filter though. Old mods will be slowly brought up to standards over time when not in BfA crunch time.

    TL/DR: If an enemy casts an interrupt-able spell for which a warning is coded for, you will only see this warning if you have a spell AVAILABLE to interrupt it with and caster is your current target or focus. Exceptions being interrupt rotations (count warnings) or special exemption cases that are too important to ever filter, or trash mobs if "cooldown" option is set to "boss only".

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